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Kyosho: Specialties and Models

Kyosho is a Japanese trademark created in 1963. It sells miniature replicas of cars, helicopters and RC boats.

Kyosho: manufacturer of radio controlled vehicles:

Who is the Kyosho manufacturer?

The Japanese brand Kyosho was born in 1963. She specializes in RC modeling or manufacture of radio-controlled model models, including cars, 4x4s, boats, helicopters and aircraft. Kyosho RC vehicles are equipped with a coal or brushless electric motor, but can also run on thermal energy. The success of its products is immediate. If the brand innovates with new models and more choice of scales, the Kyosho 1/18 remains the flagship of the range. In addition to miniature replicas, the brand also sells kits or parts for Kyosho thermal cars.

What are the Kyosho manufacturer’s specialties?

Kyosho Inferno: This off-road Kyosho buggy is an ideal thermal model for beginners. It can move on bumpy terrain, in the forest or in a parking lot.

Kyosho Mini Z: This 1/28 scale electric car benefits from an interchangeable body. It is suitable for novices and collectors.

Kyosho Optima: Unveiled in 1985 with an inimitable look and increased performance, this symbolic buggy is revisited in 2016 to take advantage of the latest technologies.

Kyosho Javelin: Recognizable by its famous orange arch, the Javelin is a Kyosho off-road buggy.

Kyosho Axxe: This is an electric off-road buggy capable of riding on sandy tracks.

Kyosho Dnano: The Dnano series includes RC Kyosho cars that take advantage of 2.4 GHz technology.

Kyosho Fazer: Designed on a 1/10 scale, the Fazer series is suitable for the first steps in a competition.

Kyosho Ultima: This buggy is the 8th descendant of the Kyosho Vintage Series lineup.

Kyosho DRX: This series includes Kyosho 1/9 scale thermal vehicles capable of all-terrain operation.

What are the Kyosho models and their specificities?

The Japanese brand Kyosho is known for its quality radio-controlled vehicles that offer a realistic and fun driving experience. Among the models available on the market, here is a selection of thermal and electric vehicles.

Kyosho Thermal Vehicles

Kyosho MP10: Inferno Series High Performance 1/8 Buggy.

Kyosho MP9: Racing buggy with V2 version.

Kyosho Inferno 2.0: Kyosho Inferno Neo series thermal buggy with latest generation KE21R engine.

Kyosho Inferno Neo 3.0: RC Model Car.

Kyosho Inferno GT2: Thermal model with 2.4 GHz transmission system and next generation KE25 motor.

Kyosho FW06: A thermal car with a configuration worthy of a competitive model.

Kyosho Mad Force: Thermal monster truck for tough terrain.

Kyosho GX12: Radio controlled car with petrol engine.

Kyosho electric vehicles

Kyosho Mini Z MR03 Miniature electric model available in multiple RWD or EVO bodies.

Sandmaster Kyosho: Buggy recommended for riding on sandy tracks.

Kyosho RB6: Ultima series electric buggy, champion in 2013.

Seawind Kyosho: RC sailboat with 2.4 GHz transmission system.