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What are the accessories needed to create a model?

To build a model, whether it is plastic, cardboard or metal, you need paint and tools.

What paint and what tools to make a model?

What painting for a model?

Painting and tooling are very important in the manufacture of models. Some models need to be dyed to give the model more realism and quality. Indeed, to represent certain objects, characters or buildings, it is necessary to add colors, in full or a few touches. Here are the 3 types of paint to use on a model.

Acrylic paint

Acrylic paint is most used to paint models made of natural wood or cardboard. It is less covering and therefore not suitable for metal and other dark-colored materials. Nevertheless, model acrylic paint offers more working comfort, as it does not emit a strong smell and dries quickly. A simple brush for model is enough to apply it. This painting and tooling is especially suitable for precise decorations and contours. Tamiya model painting, heller model paint, humbrol model painting are acrylic.

Glycero paint

Glycero paint is more covering and guarantees more finesse at work. It is often in the form of spray paint and can be applied with an airbrush or a model paint gun for larger surfaces. Thanks to its long drying time, you will have time to perfect the décor of your model. It is ideal for painting materials in metal or dark wood. The airbrush model paint belongs to the glycero category.

Enamel painting

Amel model paint is more rarely used because of its high toxicity. It is important to protect yourself well when using it. It is also necessary to have a good paint support. On the other hand, it is the only paint for model that allows to bring out quality metal effects. It also makes it possible to delay the aging of the model.

What are the accessories needed to create a model?

It is necessary to gather the paint and tools necessary to successfully manufacture models and figurines. In the tool part formodeling, here are the most essential basic tools:

From the model glue: It is not always necessary, because most models, whether made of wood, metal, cardboard or others, are to be assembled without glue. However, the cardboard may tear or the plastic may break. It will then be necessary to have glue that is not wet and that dries quickly available.

Butters to make cuts more accurate and avoid mistakes. The board also offers a certain working comfort.

Pliers to easily grasp tiny parts.

Slenders of different sizes to cut the cardboard.

A magnifying glass to observe very small parts.

Seware and abrasive for finishes.

Model kit paint and accessories for model builders

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Excellent customer review

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Received package in good shape although it was so late I forgot about it. Didn’t recognize company

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Everything was just as advertised and postal service to Tennessee, USA was fast. I would purchase from them again!

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Excellent product and service

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Another great figure! Well sculpted and happy to find it. I hope that I can find more items when I look for them. The service was great and got it...

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The site is a little difficult, but I find my way around. The products( Star Wars figures) are the more difficult ones to find here in my area.

Larry R

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