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What are the best-known miniature games?

Initially created for the exclusive entertainment of children, miniature games are now appealing to adults too. But what are they really?

What are miniature games?

Miniature games can be considered as board games. They are generally board games featuring battles or skirmishes between different armies. Miniatures, a game board and graduated rules are usually the essentials in these games. The aim of a miniatures game is generally to win by using strategy. This type of game requires the participation of at least 2 players.

Where do miniature games come from?

In the past, miniatures were used to represent troops on staff maps. After that, game rules that tested the strategic and tactical talents of future officers were developed and used to help them develop and demonstrate their skills in the art of warfare, with different scenarios. It was only later that miniatures for play appeared. Miniature games with sophisticated rules only appeared in the 20th century.

Are miniature games role-playing games?

Although some aspects of miniature games can be compared to role-playing games, the objective is not the same. War games, or wargames, are the closest to miniature games, since each has a purely entertainment objective rather than a historical reconstruction. As a result, miniature games are usually set in imaginary worlds, such as science fiction or fantasy.

Why play miniature games?

Here are the various reasons why it's worth playing miniature games:

● They reduce exposure to the screen ;

● They strengthen the ability to carry out critical analyses;

● They provide access to a wide variety of themes;

● For children, they help develop their sporting spirit;

● Through painting sessions, they also develop children's creative spirit.

What are the best-known brands of miniature games?

Among the famous brands of miniature games, you can find:

● Games Workshop;

● Warlord Games ;

● Asmodee ;

● Fantasy Flight Games ;

● Zvezda;

● Black Library ;

● Wizkids;

● Edge Entertainment;

● Citadel;

● Para Bellum Wargames.

What are the most-played themes?

Among the most played miniatures games themes, you can find:

● Warhammer 40000 ;

● Warhammer Age of Sigmar;

● Blood Bowl;

● Necromunda;

● Zombicide;

● Malifaux;

● Warhammer Quest;

● Warhammer Fantasy Battle;

● Warmachine;

● Lord of the Rings: the Battle Game;

● Star Wars: X-Wing - The Miniatures Game;

● Mordheim;

● Warhammer 40,000: Kill Team,

● Warhammer Wacry;

● Warhammer Underworlds ;

● Heroscape ;

● Battlefleet Gothic ;

● Dark Souls ;

● HorrorClix;

● Bolt Action;

● Black Seas;

● HeroQuest;

● Masters of the Universe Battleground;

● Oathmark;

● Stargrave;

● Frostgrave;

● Harry Potter Miniatures Adventure Game ;

● Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game;

● Pike & Shotte;

● Hail Caesar;

● Black Powder Epic Battles;

● Blood Red Skies.


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