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How do you choose military vehicles for your diorama?

Would you like to create a diorama using a military model? Short of ideas? Here's some inspiration.

What you need to know to choose military vehicles for a diorama

What are the ideas for a military model diorama?

A diorama is a device used to represent a scene with miniature scenery on a base. So it's important to define a theme in advance before choosing all the elements. For example, if you're using a military model, the display could depict a story or an event related to war. Once the subject has been chosen, it's time to select the presentation for the military model diorama. There are many options here. It is possible to represent a single or several types of element:

● Tank model diorama ;

● Military truck diorama;

● Diorama with military ship model;

● Diorama with military aircraft model;

● Diorama with model of the Second World War.

For this last example, it is necessary to use at least two elements such as a Sherman tank model, soldier figurines or a cannon model. For a model tank, the choice is quite vast: tiger 1 model, tiger 2 model, etc.

What are the different types of warship?

To choose the right vehicles for a military diorama, you need to be aware that armies have many different types of infrastructure. These include warships. Once again, there are many different types. It's a good idea to be familiar with them before creating a diorama with military models.

Aircraft carriers

Aircraft carriers are large military vessels designed to transport warplanes. Their main function is to allow them to take off and land in the middle of the ocean.

Assault ships

These are warships such as the Mistral class. This type of vessel has an amphibious helicopter carrier. It is used to transport soldiers before launching an assault.

Corvettes and patrol boats

Corvettes are small ships that are larger than patrol boats, but smaller than frigates. They are used to protect a naval force or a convoy of ships. In a slide show, models of this type of vessel can be used to accompany a merchant ship, for example. The same applies to patrol boats used for coastal surveillance.

Mine countermeasures and support ships

Mine-resistant ships are warships used in naval operations. Their mission is to detect and defuse sea mines. As for support ships, their function is to provide logistical support, supplying oil, etc. The models of these warships are interesting for a military model diorama.

What are the different military vehicles?

For a diorama with military models, the choice of vehicles is important. To do this correctly, you need to know about them. There are several types of military vehicle. Here are a few examples:

● Tank ;

● Tank fighter ;

● Battle tank ;

● Chentinelle ;

● Military motorbikes;

● Military jeeps and trucks.

Note that each of these elements is perfect for creating a war scene with a military vehicle model diorama. You can use them all at the same time or one by one, depending on the theme you choose.


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Excellent customer review

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Very good kit selection and fast delivery.



I am happy with this purchase.



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The model is excellent, it replicates the loft surfaces and detail very well. Service was great. Response to questions was quick, progress of my...



Great product, but more importantly, great service.


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