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How do you build a model boat?

Building a model boat is a step-by-step process. Find out how to motorise, paint and clean a model boat.

Building and maintaining a model boat

How do you motorise a model boat?

Motorising a model boat means that the miniature model has already been built. If this is not yet the case, you should start by building a wooden model boat or a model sailing boat, or any other type you like. The keel sail can be made with a simple sheet of plastic, and the masts with a simple round stick. Making the hull, on the other hand, is a little more complicated.

What are the different techniques for building the hull of a model boat?

There are three types of technique for creating the hull of model boats:

● Solid construction involves carving the hull from a block of material with a view to cutting it out later.

● Sliced construction requires technical skill. The process involves cutting planks according to the curves required and stacking them to obtain the hull.

● Membrane construction is based on the manufacture of the hull, which will be made up of frames and keel following a model boat plan.

For all constructions, whether cardboard model boats, plastic model boats or wooden model boats, it is preferable to make notches on the keel and couples.

How do you add an engine to a model boat?

Once the model has been built, you can add an engine to it, whether it's a warship, fishing boat, pirate ship or other model. All you need to do is follow a few simple steps:

● Prepare a piece of tube compatible with the motor shafts ;

● Insert the tube on the propeller shaft;

● Making and gluing the block of wood that fits between the boat bottom and the engine mount ;

● Marking the fixing locations and creating the fixing holes ;

● Fixing the motor, tube and support in the wooden block.

How do you clean a wooden model boat?

A model pirate ship, model cruiser, model sailing boat or model wooden racing boat can get dirty easily. Most of the time, it's simply a question of dust. If this is the case, a microfibre cloth, water and soap may be all you need. A dry cloth will remove stubborn dust. On the other hand, it should be moistened with soapy water if the dust becomes embedded. Be careful, however, to wipe gently. You should also avoid areas with decals to avoid damaging them. This method can also be used to remove stains from a model. Baking soda can also be used.

How do I paint a model boat?

Before painting a military model boat, a submarine or any other model, you first need to choose the ideal paint. Acrylics, gouaches, glycerine or enamel are all suitable. However, acrylics are the easiest to obtain, while enamel is ideal for achieving a metallic effect. Once you've chosen the paint, you can start work using brushes and a fine brush for the smaller parts.


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Excellent customer review

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Arrived on time and well packaged. Will definitely use 1001 again !



The decals that I had ordered were on back order. After several months I gotten an email saying they were shipped. In the meantime I already...



good service with items in stock


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