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Zombicide is one of the must-have games for zombie fanatics and other horror fans. Here's what you need to know about this board game.

Who makes Zombicide?

Zombicide is a cooperative board game published by Guillotine Games. This company is also behind a number of board games such as Blood Rage, Massive Darkness and The Others. These are generally horror board games.

The French edition of Zombicide is distributed by Edge Entertainment. Zombicide is aimed at children aged 13 and over, and a game can last between 30 minutes and 4 hours, depending on the scenario chosen.

How does the Zombicide board game work?

Zombicide is a miniatures game that also has a board, i.e. it comes with a Zombicide board.

Zombicide dice accessories are also supplied with the game. The aim of the game is to survive in a world where zombies rule. The game can be played by up to 6 players. After choosing a scenario, each player can control between 1 and 4 survivors (4 for a solo game). The survivors are humans trapped in a zombie-ridden environment. Each character in the game has special abilities that must be unlocked, and the more of these that are unlocked, the more zombies land on the Zombicide board. Players then work together to survive.

Although missions can change depending on the scenario, all players can lose together if they get caught by the zombies, or win together if they complete their mission. Alternatively, you should know that a Zombicide miniature is not painted, and that each one can be painted using a suitable brush and Zombicide paint, all included in the Zombicide paint pack.

What types of actions can be performed in Zombicide?

Several actions can be performed in Zombicide. For example, depending on the version of the game, a player surrounded by Zombies can build barriers to avoid being caught. They can also find weapons in buildings, cars to get around in or make Molotov cocktails.

Depending on the add-ons purchased, players can also fight against various types of undead. These include skinner, seeker, berserker and toxic zombies, as well as zombie dogs and crows.

What are the most popular Zombicide products?

Among the various Zombicide products, there are some that are more sought-after than others. These may be basic boxes or extensions. Here's how they rank: Zombicide season 1 (basic box); Zombicide season 2 - Prison Outbreak (basic box); Zombicide Toxic City Mall (extension); Zombicide Rue Morgue (basic box); Zombicide Angry Neighbors (extension); Zombicide : Very infected People 2 (extension); Zombicide : Ultimate survivor 1 (extension); Zombicide : Very infected People 1 (extension); Zombicide Dogz (extension); Zombicide Dog Companions (extension); Zombicide : Lost Zombivors (expansion); Zombicide Toxic Crowd (expansion); Zombicide: Walk of the Dead (expansion); Zombicide Black Plague (base box); Zombicide Green Horde (base box); Zombicide Invader (base box); Zombicide Friends and Foes (expansion); Zombicide Core Paint Set (the paint pack for Zombicide).

What are the most popular Zombicide specialities?

By specialities, we mean exclusive survivors. Some of the game's survivors are not available for sale, but are supplied at special events organised by Guillotine Games. These survivors have specialities or skills that are not available in the basic miniatures.

These special characters include :

  • Achilles, the serial killer;
  • Audrey, the bookworm
  • Bastian, the wandering madman;
  • Claudia, the rebel;
  • Curro, the editor;
  • Spencer, the germaphobe;
  • Rick, the stuntman;
  • Helen, the federal agent;
  • Garry, the outsider;
  • Fred, the trader;
  • Kabir, the Pulp writer;
  • Marvin, the bodyguard;
  • Kyoko, the free spirit;
  • Doc, the doctor;
  • Mike, the miniature sculptor;
  • Lucius, the weed man;
  • Yuri, the supermarket security guard;
  • Nikki, the alligator trainer;
  • Thaissa, the entrepreneur;
  • Mack, the car salesman;
  • Seth, the underwear model;
  • Aunt Rose;
  • Patrick, the hipster;
  • Kirk, the old sensei;
  • Nick, the bad cop;
  • Ross, the manager;
  • Paul, the reality TV star;
  • Troy, the traveller;
  • Oksana, the stuntwoman;
  • Ralph, the cowboy;
  • Will, the game designer;
  • Adriana, the shop assistant;
  • Benny, the children's entertainer;
  • Cat, the landscaper;
  • Eva, the artist;
  • Bill, the prison governor;
  • Miss Trish, the nursery school teacher;
  • Chuck, the mama's boy;
  • Brad, the mobster;
  • Ivy, the hitwoman;
  • Rob, the security expert;
  • Dakota, the inmate;
  • Dave, the geek;
  • Leeroy, the accountant;
  • Eagle Chaz, the American hero;
  • Smith, the war dog;
  • Don, the civil servant;
  • Kriss, the collector;
  • Franc, the debt collector;
  • Jesse, the butcher;
  • Dick, the undertaker;
  • Jovem Nerd ;
  • Thiago ;
  • El Cholo ;
  • Azaghal.

Details of special events organised by Guillotine Games are usually published on their social networking pages.

How do I choose a Zombicide game?

Choosing a Zombicide game depends on 3 essential criteria. These are your gaming experience, the game's universe and its storyline.

As far as the game's universe and atmosphere are concerned, Zombicide games come in 3 universes: a contemporary (modern) universe, a medieval-fantasy universe and a science-fiction universe. It's essential to choose a game that suits your personal tastes.

The best way to do this is to look at the overall aesthetic of the various boxes, not forgetting to take a close look at the game's setting, the miniatures supplied and the narrative experience presented. On the other hand, if you're a beginner, it's best to go for the simpler Zombicide games. These are Zombicide Invader (sci-fi world), Zombicide Season 1 (modern world) and Zombicide Black Plague (medieval-fantasy world).


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