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How to choose a servo for a radio controlled car?

In modeling, the servomotor is the part that translates the pilot's orders into mechanical movements. It controls and ensures the operation of the car.

Servo for RC car: what you need to know

How to install a servomotor?

Essential device of an RC car , the servo motor converts the driver's orders into mechanical movements. It allows to control the radio controlled car. The servo is composed of 3 cables, namely a red cable for positive power supply, a black or brown cable for ground and a last one of variable color for the input of the control signal.

To install it, the connection must be correct. The + of the servomotor must be connected to the + of the power supply of the RC car. The same is true, to say the least. Vigilance is necessary, because a confusion of signs prevents the servomotor from working.

How do I change the servo motor of an RC car?

In principle, a single servo is enough for an RC car with an internal combustion or electric motor. If it is damaged, the ideal is to acquire a new servomotor of the same model. It is also possible to replace it with an improved servo. To ensure the compatibility of the acquired model, it must be borne in mind that an RC car in the scale of 1/8 and 1/10 accommodates a servo size of standard. You can also measure the servo. The standard model has a dimension of 40x36x20mm. A gap of 47 mm exists between each fixing hole.

How do I install the new steering servo?

The installation of the new steering servo requires precision and some mechanical skills. Here are the steps to follow:

Disconnect the receiver servomotor;

Unscrew the rudder pedal attachment and those of the servo to remove them;

Plug the new servomotor into the receiver port and check if it responds correctly;

Install the new servo and use a support if it is not the right size, then put the screws back;

Install the rudder pedal on the output shaft;

Position the receiver box if it has one;

PoStart servo motor adjustment.

How do I change and test a brake booster?

The brake booster is an essential device of the braking system. To optimize the maneuvering of your RC car, the servo must be replaced as soon as it fails. The spare servo must be the same size as the old one. To install it, it is necessary to unscrew the servo fasteners and free up the space. Install the new servo and screw the fasteners. To test it, simply drive the RC car, drive corners and amplify the braking power.

Digital or analog servo: which one to choose?

Servos can be digital or analog. To make a choice between the two, it is worth following the recommendations of the manufacturer of the RC car. Indeed, the servo must have enough power and speed to ensure the maneuvering of the car.

If your radio controlled car needs strength, speed and consistency when cornering, the digital servo is recommended. Indeed, it is accurate and fast, however, it consumes a little more than an analog servo.

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Excellent customer review

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Received package in good shape although it was so late I forgot about it. Didn’t recognize company

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Another great figure! Well sculpted and happy to find it. I hope that I can find more items when I look for them. The service was great and got it...

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The site is a little difficult, but I find my way around. The products( Star Wars figures) are the more difficult ones to find here in my area.

Larry R

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