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How do you choose a motorbike model?

When choosing a model motorbike, there are several criteria to consider, including the brand and the manufacturer. Find out which ones.

Choosing a model motorbike by brand and manufacturer

What makes of model motorbikes are there?

Design, colour, size and strength are all important criteria when choosing a model motorbike. Taking these into account ensures that the scale model you buy is durable and lives up to your expectations. However, the brand of model motorbikes is also essential. It can be European, American or Japanese. In all cases, you should go for the best-known brands. They generally offer the best types of motorbike on the market. While some are used in GP motorbike competitions, others are intended for road use, such as a Harley Davidson.

Which European brands?

Many manufacturers choose popular European motorbike brands that offer beautiful miniature models. Just like the big car brands such as Fiat, BMW, Porsche, Lotus, Mercedes Benz or Triumph and Mini, all the big names in general are represented.

Fans of Italian motorbikes will also be delighted with a Guzzi, Ducati or Alfa Romeo model. There's no shortage of choice for modellers who appreciate European models.

What American brands?

Modellers can also opt for American-brand miniature models. In this respect, manufacturers have also chosen to use models that are benchmarks in the field. Ford is very well represented on the market. The legendary Harley Davidson is just as popular as a scale model. The latter is particularly ideal as a model motorbike for assembly.

Which Japanese brands?

When it comes to motorbikes, we inevitably think of the best-known brands. Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki and Kawasaki are all household names. They're easy to spot in the shop windows of miniature motorbike shops. Most of the time, they are proudly displayed alongside the mythical protar motorbike model.

Who are the best-known manufacturers of model motorbikes?

To start collecting model motorbikes, it's important to think about the type of motorbike you're looking for: motocross, gp, etc. This makes it easier to choose the right model. This will make the choice easier. It's also important to select models from a well-known manufacturer. This ensures the quality of the item purchased. For clarity, here is a non-exhaustive list of the most popular manufacturers:

● Tamiya ;

● Hasegawa ;

● Heller ;

● Italeri ;

● MPC;

● Revell;

● Fujimi;

● Meng model.

Which scale to choose for a motorbike model?

It's not uncommon to see the words "¼ motorbike model" or "1/6 motorbike model" on boxes. What does this mean? Quite simply, the scale. Scale refers to the size of the model in relation to that of the real thing. For example, a 1/12 motorbike model means that the product is 12 times smaller than the real thing.

So a 1/8 motorbike model is 8 times smaller than the real thing. The smaller the 2nd number, the bigger the model.

As for the choice, it all depends on individual taste and level. For beginners, it's always advisable to start with a model with few parts.


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Excellent customer review

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Very satisfied. Had the items I was searching for. Price was good. Arrived in a timely fashion.



Fast Shipping.






It was easy to find what I wanted on the website. The prices are reasonable. I received my order quickly and in good condition. I recommend 1001...



1001 Hobbies had all the paint colors that I needed for my Revell model, and the price was a lot better that in other places I looked for. Very...



It tooks too long for delivery, some of the items didn't match my order. Didn't bother to return it.



Item arrived on time and perfect condition.



The order was delivered to the US by the promised date and was delivered in excellent condition. It was easy to track it on its way here....


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