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How do I choose a mini RC car?

RC cars come in a variety of models, including the mini RC car. Here's what you need to know about this miniature car.

RC mini cars: what you need to know

What is an RC miniature car?

A radio-controlled car is a scale model of a real car. Like its life-size counterpart, it consists of an engine and a chassis. What's more, RC cars are controlled by a radio remote control. The mini remote-controlled car is a smaller model. Although at first glance it may look like a simple toy, it is in fact a category of RC model car in its own right.

It's also worth noting that RC cars used to be naked. With only a chassis, you had to buy the remote control, servos, motor and other accessories separately. Today, there are models that are ready to drive, perfect for beginners. In fact, mini RC cars are often delivered in RTR (Ready To Run) kits.

What size mini RC car should I choose?

In RC modelling, the scale represents the size of the radio-controlled vehicle. The most common on the market are 1/8th and 1/10th scale. A 1/8th scale car, for example, is eight times smaller than the original car. The choice of scale also depends on the surface area of the playing field. If it's a small area, mini radio-controlled cars are the most suitable, especially when used indoors. Here are the recommended scales for a mini rc car:

● 1/43 miniature car ;

● 1/18 scale miniature car;

● 1/5 scale miniature car;

● 1/6 scale miniature car;

● 1/8 miniature car;

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a radio-controlled mini car?

The RC mini car has many advantages. In fact, it's accessible to adults and children alike, as well as being perfect for people who prefer to use their device indoors. Available as an RTR model, it's also ideal for beginners. And, like any other RC car, you can modify or enhance its components.

However, the mini rc car can also have certain disadvantages. An electric model, for example, may have a limited battery life, while a combustion-powered mini RC car requires a lot of maintenance because it's messier. As most internal combustion RC cars are not waterproof, they are also sensitive to water.

What are the best-known brands of radio-controlled mini-cars?

RC drift cars, 4x4 RC model cars, RC truggy cars or RC buggy cars, RC mini-cars are available in a wide range of models from different brands. Among the best-known specialists are:

● Traxxas: this brand builds radio-controlled machines with powerful radio systems and many features ;

● HPI-RACING: exclusive manufacturer of RC cars, HPI-RACING has real expertise in buggies;

● Thunder Tiger: This brand was one of the first to receive ISO9001 certification, and has rapidly established itself as one of the world leaders in RC modelling;

Tamiya: The Japanese brand Tamiya is one of the oldest in the field of model making. It offers very high quality radio-controlled cars, very close to the original cars;

● Kyosho : Competitor of the Tamiya brand, Kyosho is famous for its mini Z micro cars, but also for its 1/8 Buggys ;

● Carrera: This German-born brand offers high-quality radio-controlled cars for all budgets.

R/C Mini/Micro cars

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Excellent customer review

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Reasonable prices on an item in short supply.webcite was easy to navigate. It was a pleasure to do business here.



very good company !!!! fast service and shipping even to the USA .. bravo superbe compagnie..



Quick delivery. Good packaging.



Very good communications. Very fast shipping and packaging. I highly recommend.



Excellent range of hard-to-find models and hobby items, all at reasonable prices.



initial Delivery date was not communicated right away but all went very well after



Incredibly fast delivery once the order was processed. So glad they had what I was looking for since the items were very hard to find.



Arrived on time and well packaged. Will definitely use 1001 again !


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