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    Goops: elastic monster frisbees make their comeback
    Published : 10-12-2023 | Categories : Puzzles, games and pop culture

    The 90s saw the birth of a multitude of memorable toys and franchises, including Goops, the soft monster-shaped frisbees that charmed a whole generation! Over time, however, Goops gradually disappeared from the toy scene and, alas, from collective memory. Until now, that is. A Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign, spearheaded by Papa Blender (interviewed here in French) and Mathieu Beaudoin, Director of Abystyle Studios, under the brand name Turbokid, is attempting to revive this iconic license and bring a touch of nostalgia to fans the world over! Here's a sneak preview of this 100% French Kickstarter campaign.What are Goops?Goops were the range of monster-shaped frisbees distributed in France by MB that made a lasting impression on children of the 80/90s generation. Soft and, above all, monstrously disgusting, they were the perfect embodiment of those slimy, flashy toys that aroused curiosity and fascination, just like the Garbage Pail Kids, the Mad Scientist, the Boglins or the Slime. There were 4 different types, with several color variations:The Vampire The rabid animal The Werewolf The MummyTheir unusual texture and look have made them mythical over the years.What do the new Goops look like?There are also 4 new Goops:Bouh, the prankster specter, reminiscent of Bouffe-Tout/Slimer from Ghostbusters Crachmou, the fire-breathing dragon Nemoche, the underwater creature reminiscent of Oceanor/Mer-Man from the Masters of the Universe range Loufrotte, inspired by Fô, the Asian guardian lionThe Turbokid brand has chosen to offer new characters while retaining the characteristics of their ancestors: soft, scary, cool. It goes without saying that, as frisbees, they fly perfectly. They also have a story created for the occasion! They can also be used as masks to frighten those around you. Just perfect!In order to offer really cool frisbees, Turbokid is also offering several versions exclusive to the Kickstarter campaign: phosphorescent ones, golden ones, and why not, a fully customized one!The Goops is €20 each, or €75 for the full set of 4 monsters. The phosphorescent full set costs €135.Good news: if the €15,000 target is reached, they should be available by summer 2024!What is a crowdfunding campaign?A crowdfunding campaign is a process whereby a person, company or group of people solicits funds from a large number of contributors, usually via a dedicated online platform. The aim is to raise a specific amount of money to finance a project, idea or initiative. In a way, it's a little boost at the start of a project to help it come to fruition!Here's how a crowdfunding campaign generally works:Creating the campaign: the project owner (in this case Turbokid) creates a campaign on a crowdfunding platform. In the campaign, he explains in detail the project, its objectives, its costs and the rewards or benefits for contributors. Setting objectives: the project owner sets a financial objective, i.e. the total amount he or she wishes to raise to complete the project. In this case, Turbokid has set a budget of €15,000. They must also set a deadline for reaching this target. Promotion: the project owner promotes the campaign using various channels, including social networks, the media, word-of-mouth and other means to attract the attention of potential contributors. Contributing: individuals interested in the project can contribute by making donations via the crowdfunding platform. Donations can vary in amount, and contributors often receive rewards or benefits in return, such as products, special experiences, or simply recognition. Here, of course, are the Goops. Reaching the goal: if the campaign reaches or exceeds its financial goal by the deadline (in this case, Sunday November 12, 2023), the funds are raised and the project owner can realize his or her vision. If the campaign does not reach its target, the funds are generally not collected, and the contributors are not debited.Participatory financing has become a popular way for entrepreneurs, creatives, inventors and others to raise funds for their projects. It often helps to validate public interest in an idea before committing to major expenditure. Popular crowdfunding platforms include Kickstarter, Indiegogo and GoFundMe, each with its own rules and specifics.If you'd like to get involved and keep the project going, head over to the Goops campaign on Kickstarter! For your information, you will only be debited at the end of the campaign and if the project reaches its ta [...]

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    Gunpla: the top 5 Gundam essentials for your collection
    Published : 10-10-2023 | Categories : Buying guides , Puzzles, games and pop culture

    In the world of model making, there's one passion that transcends borders and brings together enthusiasts from all over the world: Gunpla. These model kits, inspired by the famous Japanese sci-fi series Mobile Suit Gundam, offer a captivating assembly experience and the chance to create superb mechas of various scales. If you're a Gunpla enthusiast, or if you're thinking of taking up the hobby, you've come to the right place. In this article, we're going to show you the top 5 Gunpla kits that every collector should have in their collection. Get ready to discover some exceptional kits that arouse admiration and fascination, and are sure to amaze Gunpla fans the world over!What is a Gunpla?A Gunpla is a plastic model kit used to build scale models of mechas (giant robots) from the Japanese sci-fi franchise Mobile Suit Gundam. The term "Gunpla" is a contraction of "Gundam Plastic Model" and is used to designate these assembly kits, as well as the practice of assembling and customising them.Gunpla are produced by the Japanese company Bandai, which holds the rights to the Gundam franchise. They are available in a wide variety of models, sizes and difficulty levels, making them accessible to beginners and experienced modellers alike. Gunpla kits usually contain pre-cut plastic parts that can be assembled without the need for glue, although painting and customisation tools and skills can be used to further enhance the models.Gunpla are very popular with Gundam fans and modelling enthusiasts around the world due to their build quality, level of detail and potential for customisation. They allow enthusiasts to recreate their favourite mecha from the Gundam series and express their creativity by modifying the colours, details and poses of their models. In short, Gunpla is both a collector's item and an art form for modelling enthusiasts.How to build a Gunpla?Assembling a Gunpla is an entertaining and (re)creative activity. Here's a basic guide on how to build a Gunpla:Equipment required:Gunpla kit: make sure you have the Gunpla kit of your choice, which contains all the parts needed to build the model. Modelling knife or cutter: you'll need a modelling knife or cutter to detach the plastic parts from the sprues (the plastic frames to which the parts are attached). File or sandpaper: these tools will enable you to smooth out any rough edges or burrs after detaching the parts. Assembly plan: the Gunpla kit usually comes with a step-by-step illustrated assembly guide. Make sure you have it to hand. The plan is usually in Japanese: don't panic! It's perfectly normal. The instructions don't actually require any language skills: everything is visual and clearly numbered.Assembly steps :Preparation: identify the parts required for each stage of assembly by referring to the guide. Make sure you have enough well-lit work space. Detach the parts: use cutting pliers to carefully detach the parts from the clusters. Take care not to damage the parts during this step. File and clean: use a file or sandpaper to smooth the edges of the parts and remove any burrs. This will allow the parts to fit together properly. Assembly: follow the step-by-step instructions in the assembly guide. You'll usually start by assembling the skeleton of the model, then add the details, weapons and accessories. Use glue (only if necessary): most Gunpla models are designed to be assembled without glue. However, if some parts don't fit properly, you can use a small amount of special plastic glue for modelling. Warning: if you don't plan ahead, you may not be able to change the way your Gundam is fitted. Make adjustments: during the assembly process, make sure that all the parts fit together correctly. You can adjust the joints slightly if necessary. Finishing and customising: once the Gunpla is assembled, you can add extra details such as stickers, decals or paint to personalise your model. Final pose: choose an impressive pose for your Gunpla and display it proudly on your shelf.Remember to take your time, be patient and follow the instructions. Assembling a Gunpla can be a rewarding experience, whether you're a beginner or a professional.How to customise a Gunpla?Customising a Gunpla is the process of personalising your model to make it unique and suited to your tastes. Here are a few steps to help you customise your Gunpla:Planning and inspiration:Before you start, think about how you want to customise your Gunpla. Do you have a specific idea in mind, or do you want to draw inspiration from existing designs? Materials and tools:Gather the materials and tools you'll need. This could include acrylic paint, brushes, paint markers, stickers, decals, spare parts, metal parts, etc. Preparation:Carefully dismantle your Gunpla, removing the parts you want to customise. Make sure you clean the parts thoroughly before you start. Painting:Painting is one of the most common ways of customising a Gunpla. You can paint different parts of the model to change colours or add detail. Use masks or tape to create clean lines. Decals and stickers:Use decals and stickers to add custom logos, markings or badges to your Gunpla. Weathering effects:You can add weathering effects to give your Gunpla a worn or aged look. Use paint to create scratches, dirt or rust. Final assembly:Once you've finished customising each part, reassemble your Gunpla. Make sure all the parts fit together correctly. Finishing:Apply a coat of varnish to protect the paintwork and decals. You can choose a matt, satin or gloss varnish depending on the effect you're going for. Pose and presentation:Choose an impressive pose for your Gunpla and display it in your collection. Share your creation:If you're proud of your work, share photos of your custom Gunpla on social networks or enthusiast forums. This can help you get feedback and advice from the community.Gunpla customisation is a creative activity that lets you express your individuality and style.A few examples from artist Mizudam for an original version of Gundam!5 must-have GunplasWhether you're an enthusiastic beginner or a seasoned veteran, these models are a must-have to add to your bookshelf and immerse yourself in the Gundam universe:Gundam Gunpla Entry Grade 1/144 Strike: this is an Entry Grade, so the easiest level. It's an ideal Gunpla to start with! That said, if you're more experienced, it's also a must-have. Admittedly, it has fewer posing options, but it's an easy-to-assemble version at a low price. There's no reason not to snap it up!Gundam Gunpla MG 1/100 RX-78-2 Gundam Ver. 3.0: we're getting to the heart of the matter with this Gunpla! This is THE ultimate version of the classic Gundam RX-78-2. It comes with a host of pose and accessory options, and offers a real challenge in terms of assembly and customisation. IN-DIS-PEN-SABLE!Gunpla GUNDAM AERIAL 1/100 Gundam Witch From Mercury: this is the Gundam from the latest ongoing series (and the fifteenth animated series in Sunrise's Gundam licence), whose second season aired from April 2023 to July 2023, and the first TV series in the franchise to feature a female and LGBTQIA protagonist. A must-see if you're a fan of the licence!Gunpla Grendizer - Maquette HG 1/144 Grendizer Infinitism: a real madeleine de proust for some, Grendizer has made its comeback in Gunpla form! Pure joy in 1/144 scale, with several dynamic pose options! The model also includes Alcorak.Gunpla Evangelion: Real Grade - EVA Mark 06 model kit: another example of Gunpla from another licence, Evangelion! is one of the Evas appearing in the Rebuild of Evangelion film series, and first piloted by Kaworu Nagisa. The Gunpla is sold with Cassius' spear, a halo and 6 hand options. A must-have for Evangelion fans and mecha fans in general!Discover our Gundam universe in our online [...]

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    10 must-have One Piece figurines
    Published : 09-14-2023 | Categories : Buying guides , Puzzles, games and pop culture

    One Piece, the manga by Eiichiro Oda, is one of the most iconic pirate sagas of all time. It has captured the hearts of millions of fans around the world thanks to its epic story, unforgettable characters and fascinating universe. As the live-action adaptation hits Netflix, whether you're a lifelong fan or a newcomer, you know just how inspiring and admired the saga can be. But how about bringing a little piece of the adventure back to your own world by collecting One Piece figurines? In this article, we'll explore the 10 figurines that every One Piece fan should have in their collection. Get ready to immerse yourself in the world of piracy with these beautiful collectibles that pay homage to this incredible manga and anime.One Piece, what's it all about?One Piece is the story of Monkey D. Luffy, a young pirate with an elastic body after eating a Demon Fruit, who dreams of becoming king of the pirates by finding the legendary treasure called the "One Piece". He forms an eclectic crew and embarks on a journey across the dangerous Grand Line to find the treasure, while battling rival pirates, corrupt marines and strange creatures. The story explores themes of friendship, freedom and justice, and each member of Luffy's crew has his or her own dream to realize. Together, they experience thrilling adventures and uncover mysteries linked to Luffy's past and the world in which they live. Here's the list of the Straw Hat crew members:Monkey D. Luffy - Captain: Luffy is the protagonist of the series. He's a pirate with an elastic body after eating a rubber Demon Fruit. He is determined to become king of the pirates and is known for his courage and insatiable appetite. Roronoa Zoro - Swordsman: Zoro is the crew's swordsman. He wields three swords and is incredibly powerful. His dream is to become the world's greatest swordsman. Nami - Navigator: Nami is the crew's navigator. She is an expert in cartography and navigation. Her dream is to draw a map of the whole world. Usopp - Sniper: Usopp is the crew's sniper. He's skilled at making lies and gadgets. His dream is to become a valiant sea warrior. Sanji - Cook: Sanji is the crew's cook and an expert in martial arts using his feet. He dreams of finding the All Blue, a legendary sea. Tony Tony Chopper - Medic and Zoan: Chopper is a reindeer who ate a Zoan Demon Fruit. He can take different forms and is the crew's doctor. His dream is to become the most skilled doctor in the world. Nico Robin - Archaeologist: Robin is the crew's archaeologist. She has a wealth of knowledge about the world's ancient history. Her dream is to discover the true story of the lost century. Franky - Carpenter and mechanic: Franky is the crew's carpenter and mechanic. He has transformed his own body into a cyborg. His dream is to build the ultimate ship, the "Sunny-Go." Brook - Musician and sword-wielder: Brook is the crew's musician and can wield a sword. He is a living skeleton after eating a Demon Fruit. His dream is to find his shadow and become a legendary musician. Jinbe - Helmsman: Jinbe is the crew's helmsman and an expert in aquatic martial arts. His dream is to achieve coexistence between humans and pirate fish.Each of these members brings unique skills and dreams to the Straw Hat crew, contributing to the adventure in a special way.The almost entire Straw Hat CrewWhy is One Piece so popular?By combining a number of elements, "One Piece" has succeeded in creating an immersive and captivating experience that has captured the hearts of millions around the world, making it one of the most popular and enduring manga and anime series of all time:Enthralling storytelling: The story of "One Piece" is rich in twists, mysteries and intrigue, keeping readers and viewers engaged throughout. Revelations about the characters' pasts and the world help maintain interest. Memorable characters: The series is packed with charismatic, complex characters, each with their own story, motivations and development. Fans become deeply attached to these characters and follow their journeys with passion. Rich and detailed world : Eiichiro Oda, the creator of "One Piece", has created a vast and imaginative world with unique islands, varied cultures, demon fruit powers, and ancient history. This provides fertile ground for exploration and discovery. Universal themes: The series explores profound themes such as friendship, freedom, justice and travel. These themes resonate with a wide audience and give "One Piece" a powerful emotional dimension. Action and adventure: Epic battles, confrontations with fearsome enemies, and perilous adventures are at the heart of "One Piece". The constant excitement keeps fans on their toes. Extended lifespan: The series has a long lifespan, allowing fans to invest in the story for many years to come. The characters' perseverance in achieving their goals inspires fans to pursue their own dreams. Passionate community: The large fan base of "One Piece" is very active and engaged. Discussions, theories and events related to the series reinforce the sense of belonging to a community.Our selection of 10 One Piece figurinesMonkey D. Luffy The Grandline Series Wanokuni Vol. 4 from Banpresto: let's start with the main character, our hero with a big heart, boundless enthusiasm and unfailing willpower, namely Luffy D. Monkey! In this simple yet stylish version, he's ready to find out and let you know. 18 cm high approx.Anime Heroes Luffy from Bandai: we're still going on with Luffy, but this time in an articulated version, allowing you to play with him and give him dynamic positions! Ideal for entertaining children or for toy photography! Comes with two extra sets of hands. Size: approx. 17 cm high.Going Merry model from Bandai: what would the Straw Hat crew be without their very first ship, the legendary Going Merry? It's now possible to buy it and even assemble it yourself, as it's a 30 cm model to be assembled without glue or paint.Roronoa Zoro Wano Country Third Act Ichibansho from Bandai Spirits: another ultra-popular character from the saga, Zoro appears here in a dynamic, determined stance with his swords equipped. A must-have for fans of the pretender to the title of the world's greatest swordsman. Allow a little space on your shelves or in your window.Grandista Nero Nami from Banpresto: the beautiful Nami will turn the heads of many of you! In this lightly dressed version, the determined, mischievous gaze of the navigator from the Chapeau de Paille crew is sure to melt your heart. 28 cm high.Dxf Grandline Lady Vol.3 Nami from Banpresto: this 16 cm figure also features the first female character to join Luffy's crew. Here, her glamorous attire will leave no one indifferent.Chronicle King Of Artist Sanji from Banpresto: the charismatic Sanji never ceases to surprise us. His bad boy side takes over here, and we find him with his usual cigarette in his hand (warning: smoking is bad for you, but you probably already know that), hand in his pocket, tie slightly undone. Who can resist such allure?Glitter & Glamours Color Walk Nico Robin Blue Short Ver. from Banpresto: the second woman in the Chapeau de Paille team is no match for Nami. Her cool beauty has already conquered the world. Here, her clothes emphasize her curves, in particular her slim waist and large breasts. Gentlemen, please don't drool.Variable Action Heroes Portgas D. Ace from Megahouse: Luffy's spiritiual brother is one of those impossible-to-forget characters from the series: stylish, powerful, his characteristics are clearly visible on this 18 cm articulated figurine. Supplied with numerous accessories to set the scene.Statuette Creator X Creator Boa Hancock II from Banpresto: we finish with the incredible empress of Amazon Lily and current captain of L'Équipage des Pirates Kuja, the superb Boa Hacock. In the One Piece universe, she's considered the most beautiful woman in the world, so it would have been a shame not to pay tribute to her in miniature. This classy, glamorous version, in eveningwear mode, is just the thing. 13 cm of pure visual delight.Find all the One Piece universe in figurines and merchandising on our online s [...]

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