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Who is the manufacturer of Gunpla models?

The famous gunpla model continues to flood the market. Who is the manufacturer of gunpla?

Now about Gunpla

Who is Gunpla?

The gunpla model represents vehicles or characters from fiction, precisely from a series like Gundam.

What does Gunpla mean?

Gunpla is a very famous toy in Japan and among modeling enthusiasts. Many people even make gunpla diorama. What does Gunpla really mean? This term simply refers to a mecha model. It was first marketed in 1980 and has been a success little by little to the point of becoming a flagship product in the toy market in Japan. In some cases, Gunpla also means model assembly. In other words, some figurines can be disassembled and reassembled.

Who is behind the Gunpla models?

The Bandai company produced and marketed gunpla or gundam plastic model in 1980. Indeed, this group, specialized in toys since 1950, created these mecha models in order to save the Gundam franchise. This is how the Gundam model was born. The success that followed meant that the company developed its range of bandai models. Other figurines centered on other series have appeared as is the case of the star wars bandai model. Derivatives and kits have also appeared:

Maquette gunpla kitbash;

Maquette gunze ;

Nuancier painting model gunze;


What are the different ranges of Gunpla?

Senoiss know this very well. Gunpla are offered by range. Here is a non-exhaustive list:

The first models produced in 1980 belong to the No Grade range followed by the SD or Super Deformed gunpla in 1985.

The series that appeared from 1990 onwards are part of the Gunpla HG or High Grade range.

In 1995, Bandai produced the Master Grade or gunpla mgrange.

Three years later, the gunpla perfect grade ranges make their appearance. A year later, the inexpensive First grade range is produced.

From the year 2000, things have changed. The Ex-model range dedicated to vehicles and equipment appeared in 2001. In 2006, models for modellers are marketed under the UC Hard Graph range, speed grade in 2007 and Mega Size in 2009. The gunpla RG or Real Grade range appeared in 2010.

What are the specialties of Gunpla?

The bandai gunpla is successful for several reasons. The products have been available endlessly for many years:

What are the most popular Ugears ranges?

Here are some of the most popular Ugears products:

Gunpla barbatos ;

Gundam unicorn;

Gunpla evangelion;

Gunpla astray;

Gunpla kshatriya ;

Gunpla fumina ;


The target audience is also varied: children, passionate adults and modellers. The characteristics of the gunpla make assembling the model can be a fun challenge for enthusiasts. This success is also favored by the appearance of applications such as gundam gunpla warfare: gunpla battle and events such as the gunpla world cup.

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