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Who makes Gunpla models?

The famous Gundam kits, also known as Gunpla, continue to flood the market.

Who makes Gunpla?

What you need to know about Bandai's Gunpla models What is a Gunpla?

Gunpla are snap fit plastic models to be assembled, representing the giant robot and real robot of the Japanese Gundam franchise, also known as Mecha. Gundam (ガ ン ダ ム) is one of Japan's most iconic and popular Sci-Fi and super robot series and has spawned a wide range of merchandising, of which Gunpla are one of the most famous aspects.

What does Gunpla mean?

Gunpla, also known as Gundam Plastic Models, is the model adaptation of the famous mecha from the Japanese Gundam series. First marketed in 1980, it has enjoyed steady success over the years, to the point where it has become one of the leading products on the Japanese toy market.

Here are a few key points to know about Gunpla :

  • Gundam modeling: Gunpla are high-quality models that enable model enthusiasts to recreate giant robots to scale. They are designed to be assembled by hobbyists, and vary in size, complexity and detail. They require no glue or paint. Many people even make gunpla dioramas.
  • Variety of models: Gunpla represent a wide variety of Gundam robots from the different Gundam series and universes. You can find models of the iconic Mobile Suits, spaceships, vehicles and even scale characters.
  • Skill levels: Gunpla models are available at different skill levels, from beginner models to advanced models for experienced modelers. Some models also offer higher levels of detail.
  • Customization: Gunpla enthusiasts can personalize their models using spare parts, stickers, paints and modification techniques to create unique versions of their favorite robots.
  • Hobby and collectibles: Gunpla is both a creative hobby and a form of collecting. Model builders enjoy assembling and customizing models, while collectors seek out special editions, rare versions and limited kits.
  • Community: there's a passionate international community of Gunpla fans who share their creations, tips and experiences online and at events.

Gunpla is a remarkable example of the fusion of popular culture and model making.

Who's behind Gunpla models?

The Bandai company first produced and marketed gunpla or Gundam plastic models in 1980. The company, which has specialized in toys since 1950, created these mecha models with the aim of saving the Gundam franchise. Thus was born the Gundam model. The success that followed led the company to expand its range of bandai models. Other figurines centered on other series appeared, such as the bandai star wars model. Derivative products and kits have also appeared:

● Gunpla kitbash model;

● Model gunze ;

● Gunze model paint color chart;

● Etc.

What are the different Gunpla ranges?

Connoisseurs know very well. Gunpla is offered by range. Here's a non-exhaustive list:

● The first models produced from 1980 belong to the No Grade range, followed by Gunpla SD or Super Deformed in 1985.

● The Gunpla HG model or High Grade series was launched in 1990.

● In 1995, Bandai produced the Master Grade or gunpla mg range.

● Three years later, the gunpla perfect grade range appeared. A year later, the inexpensive First grade range was produced.

● From 2000 onwards, things moved on.

The Ex-model range devoted to vehicles and machines appeared in 2001. In 2006, models for modellers were marketed under the UC Hard Graph range, speed grade in 2007 and Mega Size in 2009. The Gunpla RG or Real Grade range was launched in 2010. What are Gunpla's specialties? Bandai gunpla is successful for a number of reasons. The products have been endlessly adaptable for many years:

What are the most popular Gunpla Bandai ranges?

Here are some of the most popular Bandai Gunpla products:

● Gundam Witch from mercury ;

● Gunpla barbatos ;

● Gundam unicorn ;

● Gunpla evangelion;

● Gunpla astray;

● Gunpla kshatriya;

● Gunpla fumina ;

● Etc.

The target audience is just as varied: children, adult enthusiasts and model builders. The characteristics of the gunpla mean that assembling the model can be a fun challenge for enthusiasts. This success is also aided by the emergence of applications like gundam gunpla warfare: gunpla battle and events like the gunpla world cup.

What are the different types of gunpla "grades"?

Gunpla, the robot models of the Gundam franchise, are classified into different "grades", which determine the level of detail, the complexity of assembly and the quality of the parts. Here are the main types of Gunpla grade, classified from the simplest to the most detailed:

  • First Grade (or Entry Grade): these are really the models for great beginners and younger players. First Grades are characterized by a limited number of parts and highly simplified construction steps. Gunpla of this type feature few joints and accessories.
  • High Grade (HG): HG models are often considered entry-level models. They are simple to assemble, with color-molded parts and basic surface details. HGs are suitable for beginners and modelers who want a quick building experience.
  • Real Grade (RG): RG models offer superior detail and articulation to HGs. They are designed for 1:144 scale and feature a high level of precision. RGs offer a more complex building experience than HGs, but are still relatively accessible to beginners.
  • Master Grade (MG): MG models are highly appreciated for their level of detail and realism. They are 1:100 scale and offer a more advanced building experience than HGs and RGs. MGs generally feature detailed interiors, advanced articulation and customization options.
  • Perfect Grade (PG): PG models are the top of the range in terms of quality and detail. They are in 1:60 scale and represent the pinnacle of Gunpla complexity and realism. PGs often feature sophisticated internal mechanisms, multiple joints and a wide variety of accessories.
  • Super Deformed (SD): SD models are characterized by their chibi style, with exaggerated proportions and a cute appearance. They are designed to be fun and easy to assemble, making them an ideal option for children and beginners.
  • No Grade (NG): NG models do not follow specific grade standards and can vary in quality and complexity. They can vary in quality and are sometimes low-end models aimed at a younger audience.
  • Reborn-One Hundred (RE/100): RE/100 models fall between HG and MG in terms of size and complexity. They are in 1:100 scale and offer an intermediate building experience with a good level of detail.

These grades allow enthusiasts to choose the type of Gunpla that best suits their skills and preferences. Whatever the grade, the Gundam franchise offers a wide variety of models representing the robots of the Gundam universe, enabling fans to find the Gunpla that suits them best!


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