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How to choose your star wars model?

Do you want to buy a star wars model? Not sure which model to start with? Here's what you need to know to choose one.

Star Wars models: how to choose?

Which Star Wars character should you choose?

Choosing a Star Wars model can be difficult. The ships and characters were well illustrated during the first episodes thanks to the work of the late Ralph Mcquarrie. To start collecting Star Wars models, why not start with the characters?


In this segment, the choice is vast and depends on individual taste. For those who like the lead roles, the selection will focus on Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia. They are the key characters of the first episodes. There's also the captain of the Millennium Falcon, Han Solo, the smuggler who became a hero in spite of himself. For those who love wisdom, the Jedi masters embody it best: Obi-Wan Kenobi, Yoda, etc.

Villain figurines

When it comes to villains, there are just as many to choose from. But Darth Vader is the one you can't go wrong with. For fans of the series, he's a household name. As a model, he's just as interesting, with his eye-catching black costume and mask. To add to your collection, you'll need three or four Stormtroopers or an Imperial soldier.

Which Star Wars model kits for juniors?

The choice of a Star Wars model also depends on the level of each person. A junior doesn't necessarily have the know-how to make a large-scale Star Wars model. However, with a few hours of model-building practice, it can become possible. That said, there's plenty of choice for juniors. It's even possible to build a 3D Star Wars metal earth model. The metal parts are easy to assemble. For a junior, it's also advisable to opt for solid models. It's not always easy to assemble the first few models. One wrong move is enough to damage a part, or even the whole model. You should therefore opt for branded products:

● Star Wars Bandai model ;

● Star Wars Revell model;

● Star Wars metal model ;

What model ideas per Star Wars episode?

When choosing a Star Wars model, knowing the Star Wars episodes can help. It becomes easier to choose a Star Wars model ship or action figures. For example, you can reproduce the starship race scene in a distant galaxy in the Phantom Menace episode by buying model ships, and the famous impromptu rescue mission of Princess Leia by the crew of the Millennium Falcon is also a scene that can be reproduced for a diorama. All you need are the hero figurines and a Star Wars Millennium Falcon model.

What's more, the diversity of Star Wars models means you can create your own scenes. You can build a diorama featuring various ships fighting for a space empire:

● Star Wars destroyer model ;

● Star Wars X-Wing model;

● Fighter bombers ;

Star Wars models

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Excellent customer review

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1001 Hobbies had all the paint colors that I needed for my Revell model, and the price was a lot better that in other places I looked for. Very...



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Item arrived on time and perfect condition.



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