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All you need to know about role-playing games

The aim of a role-playing game is to play a character in a specific world, according to well-defined rules, in order to achieve victory.

What are the most popular role-playing games?

What is a role-playing game?

In a role-playing game or RPG, the participants represent a fictional character and interact with each other in different ways. In an RPG, the characters generally solve puzzles according to predefined rules. A game leader presents the scenario and ensures that the rules are respected. It is often used for entertainment, using a board game. It calls on the imagination, interaction and, above all, dialogue.

Life-size role-playing games

Live role-playing games are played in :

  • Nature ;
  • An encampment
  • A building
  • a building, etc.

To recreate the atmosphere of a story, participants and organisers use :

  • Disguises ;
  • Make-up ;
  • Sets ;
  • Special effects;
  • etc.

Tabletop role-playing

Tabletop role-playing generally brings together two to five people around a table. This fun activity allows participants to take on the role of a character. Everyone then plays their role and describes their actions according to the character they have chosen. A Game Master or Storyteller sets the context, leads the group and reminds them of the rules. He or she is the guarantor of the world, the rules of the game and the dynamics of the group.

Role-playing evening

The role-playing evening is an opportunity to discover the JDR. This boxed set, published by Larousse, helps players and especially the Game Master to understand how the RPG works. It is useful during the initiation stage. Larousse has developed a support service to help players read the introductory box.

The Middle-earth role-playing game

The Middle-earth Role-playing Game or JRTM was released in England in 1984. It lets you enter the world of J. R. R. Tolkien's novels:

  • Lord of the Rings;
  • Bilbo the Hobbit ;
  • Silmarilion.

What are the most popular themes for role-playing games?

Today, there are many role-playing game themes available online. The most popular RPGs are :

  • The role-playing game Harry Potter (is yet to be published);
  • Call of Cthulhu;
  • Warhammer;
  • Knight ;
  • Medieval Fantasy
  • Steampunk ;
  • Dungeons of Naheulbeuk ;
  • Iron Throne ;
  • Pathfinder ;
  • The Witcher ;
  • Game of Thrones role-playing game
  • Star Wars ;
  • Dungeons and Dragons role-playing game.

Role-playing is also categorised as a JDR. Professionals often use this tool to train participants in a situation that is more or less similar to reality. It involves recreating an environment and certain circumstances. Coaches use this technique to help people develop their ability to interact in different contexts. In this case, the JDR can be used to:

  • Work on attitudes;
  • Develop a skill;
  • Feel the effects of behaviour or words.

Today, JDR is also used in psychology to help certain individuals control their emotional impulses.

Role-playing games

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