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Figurines 1/72 : Tips & Tricks

The 1/72 figurines are among the models adapted to make dioramas. Here is the essentials to know about this fairly widespread figurine scale.

The essentials to know about 1/72 scale figurines

What is a 1/72 figurine?

A 1/72 figurine, in other words on a scale of 1/72, is the representation of a character or object, 72 times smaller compared to its actual size. Thus, if a character is 1.80 m in full size, on a scale of 1/72 in cm it will be 2.5 cm or 180 cm / 72. In the case of a 10 m long bus, the ladder connection for the figurine will then be 13 cm.

Why choose the 1/72 scale for figurines?

The choice of 1/72 figurines is ideal in the case of a reconstruction of scenes or historical battles. Indeed, the majority of the characters and vehicles of the military universe are represented on this scale. In terms of war dioramas, 1/72 figurines offer a significant mass effect and know that in this case for example, all objects must be at the same scale so that there is consistency. Otherwise, you should also know that the 1:72 scale is also often used in the design of most models and even represents the reference.

Is a small figurine worse than a large one?

The main difference between a small figurine and a larger figurine is the level of detail. Indeed, the larger the size of a figurine, the finer its details are. Otherwise, the advantage with small figurines is that they make it possible to make huge dioramas. This is for example the case of figurines on a scale of 1:72 or even 1:35. The latter offer a significant mass effect for wargames.

Figurines by country

You should know that the figurines have existed for a long time already, from the time of prehistory, just after the parietal art. Depending on where they came from, they could have different roles. Indeed, while some of them had a religious function, others could have a magical utility. However, a little later and until now, the figurines are generally intended for entertainment or decoration.

French figurines

In France, among the oldest subjects treated by the figurines, there is the nativity scene represented with the santons, especially the santons of Provence. The latter being traditional figurines made of clay and very colorful and which are used to decorate the Christmas crib. Among the main manufacturers of French figurines, there are:

  • Miniature Le Mans;
  • Santons colors of the South;
  • Promodels;
  • Papo-Papo;
  • Luanart.

Japanese figurines

In Japan, among the first figurines made in this country, we find the dogū. The latter date from the Jōmon period, i.e. between 13,000 and 400 BC. Among the main manufacturers of Japanese figurines, there are:

  • Bandai
  • MegaHouse
  • GoodSmile company;
  • Kotobukiya
  • Figma
  • Kayodo
  • Square Enix;
  • Art Spirit.

American figurines

In America, among the first figurines made, there are those of the Olmec culture (2500 to 500 BC). The Olmecs being a pre-Columbian people of Mesoamerica. American figurine manufacturers include:

  • Hasbro
  • Mattel
  • Playskool
  • Superplastic;
  • Funko
  • Remko.

German figurines

Among the most famous German figurines there is the nutcracker. As the name suggests, it is a figurine capable of breaking hazelnuts or nuts. Among the German figurine manufacturers, there are:

  • Schleich
  • Klein Toys
  • Germania-Figuren, etc.


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