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Black horse : Specialties and Models

The Black Horse brand offers an entire range of thermal and electric RC aircraft.

All you need to know about Black horse

Who is the black horse manufacturer?

Black horse is a company practicing in RC modeling, mainly in the manufacture of RC aircraft. All its products are distributed by Scientific-MHD, a pioneer in its field. Thus, the Black horse brand offers a variety of radio controlled aircraft, including:

Set planes;

Gliding artists;


What are the specialties of the manufacturer Black horse?

The aircraft of the brand Black horse are appreciated for the special arrangement of their wings. They leave a low drag on cruising and have good stall characteristics. Black Horse also launches a first "big" ideal model with gasoline engines.

In its rich catalog, the brand has three types of RC engines for the following aircraft:

Electric RC drive;

Rc drive brushless;

Thermal RC drive.

What are the models of Black horse and their specificities?

The black horse corsair is a sumptuous model of one of the most famous fighter aircraft of the Second World War. The black horse corsair 50 is a realistic scale model of this legendary aircraft with a surprising size. The brand's all-new Corsair ARF V2 model is intended for a 50 – 60 cc petrol engine.

A part of this, we also find the following models:

The black horse corsair 91;

The black horse corsair f4u ;

The black horse p47;

The black horse mig 29;

The black horse dr400.

What are Black Horse's military aircraft models?

The ensign is particularly known for the manufacture of military aircraft. Here are some of them:

The westland lysander black horse is one of the most appreciated models by thrill seekers on modeling grounds. With a wingspan of 2,540 mm, this model is inspired by the mythical aircraft of the Second World War, the Westland Lysander. Its kit contains model elements made of plywood. With a fuselage and empennage already decorated, it has an electric motor with a power of between 2,500 and 3,200 W or a thermal engine of 30-35 cc.

The black horse dornier is the replica of a plane of the 40s. This model comes in a twin-engine push-pull configuration. It has great power and low aerodynamic drag. Thus, it is possible to reach speeds up to 474 mph at most. Featuring a dual-rotor system, this different model brings wind of renewal to its collection ofRCaircraftmodels. This model is equipped with a power supply with a wide opening to be able to easily access the battery.

The black horse Heinkel: this is a twin-engine aircraft equipped with three standard axes. This model is intended for a leisure type flight and needs at least 7 servos in electric. This aircraft is a model pre-built in balsa and accompanied by a box containing all the necessary accessories for its assembly. The electric motor, the propeller, the radio controller must be acquired separately.