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Goops: elastic monster frisbees make their comeback

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The 90s saw the birth of a multitude of memorable toys and franchises, including Goops, the soft monster-shaped frisbees that charmed a whole generation! Over time, however, Goops gradually disappeared from the toy scene and, alas, from collective memory. Until now, that is. A Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign, spearheaded by Papa Blender (interviewed here in French) and Mathieu Beaudoin, Director of Abystyle Studios, under the brand name Turbokid, is attempting to revive this iconic license and bring a touch of nostalgia to fans the world over! Here’s a sneak preview of this 100% French Kickstarter campaign.

What are Goops?

Goops were the range of monster-shaped frisbees distributed in France by MB that made a lasting impression on children of the 80/90s generation. Soft and, above all, monstrously disgusting, they were the perfect embodiment of those slimy, flashy toys that aroused curiosity and fascination, just like the Garbage Pail Kids, the Mad Scientist, the Boglins or the Slime. There were 4 different types, with several color variations:

  • The Vampire
  • The rabid animal
  • The Werewolf
  • The Mummy

Their unusual texture and look have made them mythical over the years.

What do the new Goops look like?

There are also 4 new Goops:

  • Bouh, the prankster specter, reminiscent of Bouffe-Tout/Slimer from Ghostbusters
  • Crachmou, the fire-breathing dragon
  • Nemoche, the underwater creature reminiscent of Oceanor/Mer-Man from the Masters of the Universe range
  • Loufrotte, inspired by Fô, the Asian guardian lion

The Turbokid brand has chosen to offer new characters while retaining the characteristics of their ancestors: soft, scary, cool. It goes without saying that, as frisbees, they fly perfectly. They also have a story created for the occasion! They can also be used as masks to frighten those around you. Just perfect!

In order to offer really cool frisbees, Turbokid is also offering several versions exclusive to the Kickstarter campaign: phosphorescent ones, golden ones, and why not, a fully customized one!

The Goops is €20 each, or €75 for the full set of 4 monsters. The phosphorescent full set costs €135.

Good news: if the €15,000 target is reached, they should be available by summer 2024!

What is a crowdfunding campaign?

A crowdfunding campaign is a process whereby a person, company or group of people solicits funds from a large number of contributors, usually via a dedicated online platform. The aim is to raise a specific amount of money to finance a project, idea or initiative. In a way, it’s a little boost at the start of a project to help it come to fruition!

Here’s how a crowdfunding campaign generally works:

  • Creating the campaign: the project owner (in this case Turbokid) creates a campaign on a crowdfunding platform. In the campaign, he explains in detail the project, its objectives, its costs and the rewards or benefits for contributors.
  • Setting objectives: the project owner sets a financial objective, i.e. the total amount he or she wishes to raise to complete the project. In this case, Turbokid has set a budget of €15,000. They must also set a deadline for reaching this target.
  • Promotion: the project owner promotes the campaign using various channels, including social networks, the media, word-of-mouth and other means to attract the attention of potential contributors.
  • Contributing: individuals interested in the project can contribute by making donations via the crowdfunding platform. Donations can vary in amount, and contributors often receive rewards or benefits in return, such as products, special experiences, or simply recognition. Here, of course, are the Goops.
  • Reaching the goal: if the campaign reaches or exceeds its financial goal by the deadline (in this case, Sunday November 12, 2023), the funds are raised and the project owner can realize his or her vision. If the campaign does not reach its target, the funds are generally not collected, and the contributors are not debited.

Participatory financing has become a popular way for entrepreneurs, creatives, inventors and others to raise funds for their projects. It often helps to validate public interest in an idea before committing to major expenditure. Popular crowdfunding platforms include Kickstarter, Indiegogo and GoFundMe, each with its own rules and specifics.

If you’d like to get involved and keep the project going, head over to the Goops campaign on Kickstarter! For your information, you will only be debited at the end of the campaign and if the project reaches its target.

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