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Super Etendard naval aviation Model kitKinetic

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Data sheet Super Etendard naval aviation

Type of productAirplane model kit
Scale 1:48
Assemblyto be assembled and painted
Paint and glueTo be bought separately
Length (cm)11,8" / 30
Era1946 to the present
Box size (cm)38 x 8 x 26

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Super Etendard naval aviation Model kit
Super Etendard naval aviation Airplane model kit
Super Etendard naval aviation Model kit
Super Etendard naval aviation Airplane model kit

    Product description : Super Etendard naval aviation

    Aircraft model Super Etendard naval aviation
    KINETIC has the advantage of now proposing to French modelmakers its carefully detailed new realization.
    Optional folding wings, Su E and Su M cockpit included, removable flaps, train shafts and detailed intake ducts.
    Numerous armaments included: Exocet Missiles, MAGIC Missiles, Damocated Pod, IFR Pod, Barracuda jammers, etc ...
    No less than 5 decorations included
    Super Etendard, Aeronavale (French Naval Aviation), 1980.
    Super Etendard Modernize, Aeronavale (French) Naval Aviation), mission on Afghanistan, 2008.
    Super Etendard Modernize, French Naval Aviation, mission on Libya, 2011.
    - SEM No.
    10, 33, 37,? 43, 44, 65 of 17E, aboard Charles de Gaulle, operated over Libya.
    Super Etendard, Comando de Aviacion Naval Argentina (Argentina Naval Aviation), 1980s ~.
    Super Etendard, Iraqi Air Force, 1983 ~ 1985.

    Photo cutting parts included.
    Novelty available end of December 2015.

    The Super Etendard (SUE) is a French aircraft boarded combat aircraft carrier designed by Dassault-Breguet to enter service in the French Navy.
    The plane is an advanced development of the IVM Standard.
    The Super Etendard flew for the first time in October 1974 and entered service in June 1978.
    The French Super Etendards served in several conflicts such as the Kosovo war, the war in Afghanistan and the military intervention in Libya.
    The Super Etendard was also exploited by Iraq and Argentina, both of whom deployed the aircraft in wartime.
    The Su E was used by Iraq to attack oil tankers and merchant ships in the Persian Gulf during the Iran-Iraq war.
    Argentina used it as well as the Exocet missile during the 1982 Falklands War.
    The Su E is a single engine aircraft, with an all-metal wing structure.
    The main weapon used by Sue is the French anti-ship missile Exocet AM 39 from Aérospatiale.
    The Modernized Super Etendards (SEM) carried out missions during Operation Enduring Freedom.
    The Héraclès Mission allowed the deployment of the aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle and its Super Etendards in Afghanistan.

    Scale : 1:48
    The 1:48 scale is the queen size scale for model planes.
    Military models are also available in this scale.
    A model that is 1:48 scale is 48 times smaller than the real object.
    For example, a model airplane in the 1:48 scale measures 13 inches / 31.25 cm long if the real object is 15 m (1500 cm).
    Type of product : Airplane model kit
    To build a plastic model airplane, you'll need a few things :
    - a cutter or cutting pliers
    - and model glue.
    You can also paint the model with brushes(acrylic or enamel).
    The model consists of different parts to cut and assemble.
    Construction time will vary depending on the number of parts.

    An instruction manual is provided for you inside the box.
    Paint and glue : To be bought separately
    The tools, paints and glue are not provided.
    You can see our selection with the essential glues and paints or the full range..

    Size of the model (inches) : 11.7 x 7.9

    To learn more about size and scale, click here.

    Reference : 48061
    Other tags : 96K48061 - 96K4861 - K48061 - K4861 - 5348061 - 534861 - 4861
    Airplane model kit - to be assembled and painted - Paint and glue to be bought separately
    Scale : 1:48 -Box size : 38 cm x 8 cm x 26 cm

    Product size

    Scale : 1:48
    Length (cm) : 11,8" / 30 cm

    Customer reviews Super Etendard naval aviation

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    The person who received the item as a gift was totally enthused AND satisfied with the item. *

    L. Lavonda
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    Good value for money. A little more detail is missing, but it is a model of which there is not a great variety of brands. I wish it had been on a larger scale. In summary. Quite satisfied *

    S. Jose Antonio
    star-full star-full star-full star-full star-empty

    very nice model of the brand kinetic *

    star-full star-full star-full star-full star-full

    model sukkhoi su33 excellent model, pity that the instruction booklet is unclear, as it contains photos and not a drawing *

    A. Anonymous
    star-full star-full star-full star-full star-full

    impressive model that offers a lot of detail up to the internal finish of the reactors *

    A. Anonymous
    * : Customer reviews of other Kinetic products

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    Models of U.S. jets and French (Sabre, Mirage) at different scales.
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    Super Etendard naval aviation

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    Excellent customer review

    Excellent customer review

    8.4/10 on Verified Reviews

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    Reasonable prices on an item in short supply.webcite was easy to navigate. It was a pleasure to do business here.



    very good company !!!! fast service and shipping even to the USA .. bravo superbe compagnie..



    Quick delivery. Good packaging.



    Very good communications. Very fast shipping and packaging. I highly recommend.



    Excellent range of hard-to-find models and hobby items, all at reasonable prices.

    HARRY Y.


    initial Delivery date was not communicated right away but all went very well after



    Incredibly fast delivery once the order was processed. So glad they had what I was looking for since the items were very hard to find.

    EDGAR G.


    Arrived on time and well packaged. Will definitely use 1001 again !

    TIM J.

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