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Bell AB212 / UH-1N Model kit

Type of product : Airplane model kit (to be assembled and painted)
Paint and glue : to be bought separately
Scale : 1:48 (14,2" / 36 cm)
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    Bell AB212 / UH-1N

    The UH-1N was developed from a project of the US based Bell Helicopter company at the end of the 60s. In Italy, a similar version is produced on license by Agusta Westland under the designation AB-212. The AB-212 is a medium, two-blade rotor powered by two Pratt & Whitney PT6T turbo shaft power turbines providing 1.342 Kw. It is a development of model 205, the main difference being an elongated fuselage. In the first half of the 2000s, the AB 212 was massively updated to enhance its operational capacity. It has been fitted with two 7,62mm swivelling machine guns on the tailgates, and the defensive equipment has been upgraded with antimissile flare launchers and additional ceramic and kevlar armour to protect the crew. Italian AB 212s with this upgraded configuration are employed since 2006 in Afghanistan, in the International Security Assistance Force mission.

    Scale :


    The 1:48 scale is the queen size scale for model planes.

    Military models are also available in this scale.

    A model that is 1:48 scale is 48 times smaller than the real object.

    For example, a model airplane in the 1:48 scale measures 13 inches / 31.25 cm long if the real object is 15 m (1500 cm).

    Type of product :

    Airplane model kit

    To build a plastic model airplane, you'll need a few things :

    - a cutter or cutting pliers

    - and model glue.

    You can also paint the model with brushes(acrylic or enamel).

    The model consists of different parts to cut and assemble.

    Construction time will vary depending on the number of parts.

    An instruction manual is provided for you inside the box.

    Paint and glue :

    To be bought separately

    The tools, paints and glue are not provided.

    You can see our selection with the

    essential glues and paints


    the full range


    Size of the model (inches) :

    14.3 x 12.0

    To learn more about size and scale,

    click here.

    Reference :


    Other tags :

    ITAL2692 - ITAL2692 - IT2692 - IT2692 - IT2692 - IT2692 - I2692 - I2692 - ITA-2692 - ITA-2692 - 2692

    Airplane model kit - to be assembled and painted - Paint and glue to be bought separately
    Scale : 1:48 -Box size : 35 cm x 24 cm x 5 cm

    Product size

    Scale : 1:48
    Length (cm) : 14,2" / 36 cm

    Data sheet Bell AB212 / UH-1N

    Type of productAirplane model kit
    Scale 1:48
    Assemblyto be assembled and painted
    Paint and glueTo be bought separately
    Length (cm)14,2" / 36
    Era1946 to the present
    Box size (cm)35 x 24 x 5


    Italeri: Specialties and Models

    Italeri is an Italian brand expert in the manufacture of plastic models. She has been practicing since the 1960s.

    All you know about the manufacturer Italeri

    Who is the manufacturer Italeri?

    Italeri is an Italian brand specializing in the manufacture of plastic models or modeling. It was born in the 60s and began its activities with the marketing of military models and aircraft kits. Today, it is expanding its production to other sectors of RC modeling .

    What are the specialties of the manufacturer Italeri?

    The manufacturer Italeri is a specialist in its field. Aware of the discrepancies between the profiles of the modellers, Italeri offers kits for beginners, special lines and war games. He makes different types of models, namely:

    The car model;

    The aircraft model;

    The helicopter model;

    The train model;

    The ship model;

    The truck model;

    The mirage model.

    Apart from the models, Italeri figurines also include his catalog. Added to this are Italeripaintings,including a rich color palette and acrylic sets to customize the objects. Tools and goods are also present among its ancillary items.

    What are the models of Italeri and their specificities?

    The Italian brand has many models each with their own specificities. We have selected some of them from the Italeri catalogue:

    Italeri Iveco: this is a range of cars, trucks and vans in miniature version. The Iveco Stralis Hi-way Euro 5 is the flagship model of this collection. He even won the title of "International Truck of the Year" in 2013.

    Italeri Fiat 500: this model is intended for urban car lovers. Indeed, it is the miniature reproduction of the famous Fiat 500 in the Italian style. The attention to detail leaves no words and the soft top can open.

    Italeri Ford Transit: this is a model of a van to build and paint as you see fit. The Ford Transit is reproduced at a scale of 1/24.

    Italeri Volvo: this is a high-performance miniature truck. The Volvo is also a model to build and paint at will.

    Ialeri world of tank: for war enthusiasts, this tank will accompany you in your fights. This military model is inspired by the old wars.

    Fiat Mefistofele Italeri 1/12: model to be assembled and painted, the Fiat Mefistofele is an international speed champion. It is reproduced on a scale of 1/12 or 44.5 x 15 cm. It can travel up to 235 km/h.

    Italeri models are usually to be assembled and painted. However, painting tools are not provided. To adorn your RC car with beautiful colors, do not hesitate to discover the color palette of the brand and the Italeri acrylic paintings.

    What are the Italeri scales?

    An Italeri model is molded according to a precise scale. It respects the dimensions of the full-size model. We thus find the flagship models at the following scales:

    Italeri 1/12;

    Italeri 1/24;

    Italeri 1/32;

    Italeri 1/35;

    Italeri 1/72 ;

    Model shop

    Model shop

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    Whether you're a beginner or an expert, our model-making experts offer you their technical advice. Assembly, painting, using an airbrush, etc. Dozens of tutorials are available on our Youtube channel.

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    I was excited about this particular model because of all the detail, especially the mapping and terrain following radar in the nose cone. I spent a few years in Italy supporting this aircraft so I am excited to get started on assembly *

    A. Anonymous
    star-full star-full star-full star-full star-full

    beautiful model *

    D. Jan
    star-full star-full star-full star-full star-full

    Very good model. *

    S. Tony
    star-full star-full star-full star-full star-empty

    I am happy. *

    A. Aitor
    star-full star-full star-full star-full star-empty

    Good model. *

    V. Neill
    star-full star-full star-full star-full star-full

    Excellent model. *

    A. Anonymous
    star-full star-full star-full star-full star-full

    ottimo acquisto

    A. Anonymous
    star-full star-full star-full star-full star-empty

    Hélicoptère Bell AB 212 Très bien fini et fidèle à l'originale. Facile de monter.Le seul problème est qu'il ne fait pas la longueur affichée sur votre catalogue : 38 cm. En réalité il mesure... 27 cm !!!A part ce petit contretemps tout est parfait.Cordialement

    A. Anonymous
    * : Customer reviews of other Italeri products

    Bell AB212 / UH-1N

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    Bell AB212 / UH-1N

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    Excellent customer review

    Excellent customer review

    8.4/10 on Verified Reviews

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    Excellent range of hard-to-find models and hobby items, all at reasonable prices.

    HARRY Y.


    initial Delivery date was not communicated right away but all went very well after



    Incredibly fast delivery once the order was processed. So glad they had what I was looking for since the items were very hard to find.

    EDGAR G.


    Arrived on time and well packaged. Will definitely use 1001 again !

    TIM J.


    The decals that I had ordered were on back order. After several months I gotten an email saying they were shipped. In the meantime I already...

    DAVID W.


    good service with items in stock

    DAVID P.


    Quickly shipped, well packed, Perfect

    YVES S.


    Nice model and the finished aircraft was awesome


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