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Figurines 1/35 : Tips & Tricks

Figurines can be different sizes, and for some, they translate into ladders. Here's what you need to know about 1/35 figurines.

The essentials to know about 1/35 scale figurines

What is a 1/35 figurine?

Usually expressed in millimeters, the scale of a figurine represents its size. Usually, for a character, it is the height from his feet to his eyes. Thus, for a 54 mm figurine for example, know that it is a character of 1.90 m on a scale of 1/35 (1900 mm / 35). Otherwise, the figurine scale correspondence can also sometimes be expressed in centimeters.

Thus, for a truck with a real length of 10 meters, on a scale of 1/35, its length in miniature will be 10 x 1/35, or 0.28 meters. At a scale of 1/35 in cm, the truck will then be 28 cm.

What are the other scales of figurines?

Apart from the 1/35 scale, there are indeed other scales for the figurines. The classification by scale of the figurines refers to modeling in general (railway modeling, aviation, military vehicles, etc.). Here are the most common figurine scales:

  • scale figurine 1/144;
  • 1/87 scale figurine: the most widespread scale of railway modeling;
  • scale figurine 1/76;
  • scale figurine 1/72;
  • scale figurine 1/48;
  • scale figurine 1/43: the scale of vintage cars;
  • scale figurine 1/32: which is with the figurine 1/35, the most used scale in the military field;
  • scale figurine 1/6

Why choose the 1/35 scale for figurines?

As mentioned earlier, the 1/35 scale is the traditional or standard scale of soldier figurines. You should know that the larger the size of a figurine, the more detailed it will be. Moreover, the smaller it is, the more it will make it possible to make large-scale dioramas, such as a battlefield, in reasonable spaces.

Thus, know that the 1/35 or 1/32 figurines of 54 mm in height represent a perfect compromise between volume and details. It is for this reason that the 1/35 scale has become the standard for the field of military modeling.

What to choose as a material to make your figurine?

It is perfectly possible to make a figurine yourself. Besides, there are different tool packs that make it possible to do this. Regarding the ideal material to design a figurine, there is none! It should be emphasized that each material has its level of complexity in terms of use.

Wooden figurine

The development of a wooden figurine requires great skill. Indeed, it requires the use of various specific tools such as a saw, drill, glue, wax, as well as other accessories.

Moreover, the realization of this type of figurine also takes time. With a good knowledge of carpentry tools, however, this operation can be easier.

Metal figurine

The realization of a metal figurine is still much more complex than a wooden figurine. Indeed, it is usually a material not very easy to handle. The same goes for the tools that make it possible to shape it. Whether they are made of steel, iron or aluminum, these types of figurines require a rather complex work.

The materials mentioned above are usually the most difficult to use. A plastic figurine for example is more easily made through a molding. Otherwise, sugar dough is also an interesting alternative.


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