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Traxxas: Specialties and Models

Present on the market since 1986, Traxxas is a renowned brand in RC modeling, which markets RC cars, RC boats and RC aircraft.

RC modeling: who is the Traxxas manufacturer?

Who is the manufacturer Traxxas?

The Traxxas brand entered the market in 1986 with a revolutionary idea: a remote-controlled car assembled in its entirety. The term "Ready To Run" or RTR was born from this concept. Indeed, the brand markets miniature reproductions of real cars intended for amateurs in RC modeling. Although the assimilation of the concept by the public was long at first, the RTR car quickly experienced its moment of glory thanks to its power and increased performance.

What are its main activities?

After the launch of the RTR radio controlled car, Traxxas extended its activities to naval modeling by marketing a first RC boat in 1989, then drones or RC aircraft thereafter. Specialist in the construction of radio controlled vehicles, this manufacturer offers electric or thermal models, according to the intended use and the power sought.

What are traxxas' specialties?

Thanks to its innovative concepts, Traxxas ensures the sales number of rtc remote controlled cars. The brand markets RC mini-cars suitable for all ages and profiles. Its main specialties are the electric remote-controlled car and the thermal remote-controlled car. They run up to 160 km/h and are rich in functionality.

Traxxas models benefit from a 2.4 GHz radio system, a waterproof electronic system and a powerful battery. They offer a realistic driving experience that can last for years. Among its most popular RC cars are:

Smooth track cars.

Short races for smooth terrain and trails.

The RC buggy for smooth circuits.

The truggy RC for low-bumpy dirt tracks.

Trucks for difficult, sandy and bumpy terrain.

The RC crawler for extreme terrain.

What are the traxxas models and their specifics?

The Traxxas catalog offers a large fleet of high-end RC vehicles. Compared to other models on the market, those of Traxxas show exceptional durability. Here are some models popular with the public:

Traxxas X Maxx: traxxas' most popular truck, ideal for tough terrain.

Traxxas Maxx: smaller than the X Maxx, this model rides on difficult, sandy or bumpy circuits.

Traxxas Slash: a hybrid short racing model that rides on both smooth tracks and trails.

Traxxas TRX 4: a realistic scale crawler appreciated for its robustness on extreme circuits.

Traxxas Summit: a crawler capable of moving on extreme terrain thanks to its large wheels.

Traxxas Rustler: an ideal truggy for beginners who want to ride on a low-bumpy dirt track.

Traxxas E-Revo: a robust and powerful truggy for all drivers.

Traxxas Unlimited desert racer or Traxxas UDR: a hybrid vehicle (track car and off-road car) of very large size.

Traxxas Stampede: with a high ground clearance, this truck is ready to face difficult terrain.

Traxxas Spartan: an RC boat capable of sailing up to 85 km/h.


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Excellent customer review

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Item arrived in great condition. The tracking was a bit all over the place but I wouldn’t hesitate to order again.



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