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Models and scale models always have a scale.

A scale is used to ascertain the size of a model based on the size of the real object. You simply need to multiply the size of the real object by the scale.

For example, the model of a boat which measures 100' from front to back will measure:

100' X 1/200 = 0.5' (6 inches) on a 1:200 scale
100' x 1/350 = 0.28' (3" 3/8) on a 1:350 scale
100' x 1/700 = 0.14' (1" 5/8) on a 1:700 scale


To give you an idea, here are the sizes of some models.

The most common scales are shown in red.


Airplanes (wingspan x length)Actual Size1:1441:721:481:321:24
WW2 Fighter (ex : P51 Mustang)37,1' x 32,2'3,1 in x 2,7 in6,2 in x 5,4 in9,3 in x 8 in13,9 in x 12,1 in18,5 in x 16,1 in
WW2 bomber (ex : Boieng B17)103,7' x 74,1'8,6 in x 6,2 in17,3 in x 12,4 in25,9 in x 18,5 in38,9 in x 27,8 in51,8 in x 37,1 in
Modern Jet (ex : F22 Raptor)44,5' x 62'3,7 in x 5,2 in7,4 in x 10,3 in11,1 in x 15,5 in16,7 in x 23,3 in22,2 in x 31 in
Commercial plane (ex : Boeing 747)195,5' x 231,6'16,3 in x 19,3 in32,6 in x 38,6 in48,9 in x 57,9 in73,3 in x 86,9 in97,8 in x 115,8 in
Helicopter (ex : AH 64 Apache)48' x 58,3'4 in x 4,9 in8 in x 9,7 in12 in x 14,6 in18 in x 21,9 in24 in x 29,1 in
Land vehicles (length x width)Actual Size1:72 ou 1:761:431:501:351:18
Car (ex : chevrolet Camaro)15,7' x 6,2'2,6 in x 1 in4,4 in x 1,7 in3,8 in x 1,5 in5,4 in x 2,1 in10,5 in x 4,2 in
Tractor19,7' x 9,8'3,3 in x 1,6 in5,5 in x 2,7 in4,7 in x 2,4 in6,7 in x 3,4 in13,1 in x 6,6 in
Tank (ex : M4 Sherman)20,6' x 8,6'3,4 in x 1,4 in5,7 in x 2,4 in4,9 in x 2,1 in7,1 in x 2,9 in13,7 in x 5,7 in
Motorcycle8,2' x 2,6'1,4 in x 0,4 in2,3 in x 0,7 in2 in x 0,6 in2,8 in x 0,9 in5,5 in x 1,7 in
Figurines (height)Actual Size1:72 ou 1:761:481:32 ou 1:351:241:8
Height5,9'1 in1,5 in2,2 in3 in8,9 in
Ships (lenght x width)Actual Size1:12001:7001:3501:2001:150
3 masted ship (ex : USS Consitution)203,4' x 42,7'2 in x 0,4 in3,5 in x 0,7 in7 in x 1,5 in12,2 in x 2,6 in16,3 in x 3,4 in
Liner (ex : Titanic)882,5' x 91,9'8,8 in x 0,9 in15,1 in x 1,6 in30,3 in x 3,1 in53 in x 5,5 in70,6 in x 7,3 in
Battleship (ex : Bismarck)820,2' x 118,1'8,2 in x 1,2 in14,1 in x 2 in28,1 in x 4 in49,2 in x 7,1 in65,6 in x 9,4 in
Submarine (ex : U Boot VII)216,5' x 19,7'2,2 in x 0,2 in3,7 in x 0,3 in7,4 in x 0,7 in13 in x 1,2 in17,3 in x 1,6 in
Aircraft carrier (ex : USS Enterprise)1118,8' x 255,9'11,2 in x 2,6 in19,2 in x 4,4 in38,4 in x 8,8 in67,1 in x 15,4 in89,5 in x 20,5 in

Trains (length)Actual SizeHO (1/87)N (1/160)Z (1/220)TT (1/120)G (1/24)
Locomotive55,8'7,7 in4,2 in3 in5,6 in27,9 in
Car72,2'10 in5,4 in3,9 in7,2 in36,1 in

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Excellent customer review

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