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Who is the manufacturer Space cowboys?

Space cowboys is a "small" publishing house of board games with great ambitions, with already several successes to its credit.

All about the manufacturer Space cowboys

Who is the manufacturer Space Cowboys?

SPACE Cowboys is a French publisher of board games founded in 2014 in Boulogne-Billancourt by big names in the industry, namely Philippe Mouret, Marc Nunes and Croc. They favored a small structure for a return to the sources of pleasure. This family scale also allows them to carry out more daring and personal projects. In addition, this choice guarantees a synergy favorable to the evolution and popularization of the world of the game on the territory.

What are the most sought-after specialties of Space cowboys?

SPACE Cowboys specializes and owes its fame to board games. Among the opuses published are:

  • Les Cités de Splendor, a game made by Marc André, Crocet François Doucet;
  • Splendor Marvel;
  • Crossing;
  • Black Fleet
  • T.I.M.E Stories;
  • Elysium;
  • Via Nebula;
  • Hit Z Road
  • Watson & Holmes.

What are the most sought-after Space Cowboys products?

This publishing house is already recording immense successes to its credit. The most popular Space Cowboys games for the public are:


In Splendor, the player accompanies a guild of merchants. Its mission is to collect as many points cards as possible.


Unlock is based on a cooperative card game system similar to the principle of escape rooms. The player must escape from the rooms in less than 60 minutes.


Mixing resource development and tactics, Orbis puts the player in the shoes of various deities. Thanks to his powers, he must thus create a better world.


SHERLOCK HOLMES is a cooperative game in which the player investigates the same cases as the famous detective. For this purpose, he must follow the tracks and collect clues to compete with the latter.


SPLENDOR MARVEL is an adaptation of the famous game Splendor, this time in a world of superheroes. The player will have to gather the superheroes and seize the five infinity gems.

Star Wars Escape Game

This new installment of the Unlock collection combines the mythical universe of Star Wars and intergalactic adventures to immerse the player in three new scenarios.


CAYLUS 1303 is a revisited version of Caylus. This game was rewarded for its modular buildings, modernized mechanics and characters with great abilities.


The player must collect, trade goods to resell them and hope to become as rich as possible.


TEA FOR 2 is a subtle mix between deck-building and battle. The player must use his cards wisely or redeem them with discernment to win the game.


Tactical game of placement of tiles, BOTANIK is played in pairs. Participants must set up an irrigation network for their plants.


ANKH'OR is a resource management game in which the player must build his trading empire in ancient Egypt.

Time Stories

A narrative board game, Time Stories immerses the player in various adventures and universes on behalf of the agency T.I.M.E. Its mission: to save the time frame from paradoxes and intrusions caused by ill-intentioned or reckless travelers.


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Excellent customer review

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