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Truck ugm-11 Model kit

Model truck Truck ugm-11 Age: 14+ Working on a mechanical assembly kit is incredibly...
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1/8 Truck ugm-11 Model kit
Truck ugm-11 Model truck kit
Truck ugm-11 Ugears
DA-8412025 Truck ugm-11
Truck ugm-11
Truck ugm-11
Truck ugm-11
Truck ugm-11
Truck ugm-11 Model kit
Truck ugm-11 Model truck kit
Truck ugm-11 Ugears
DA-8412025 Truck ugm-11
Truck ugm-11
Truck ugm-11
Truck ugm-11
Truck ugm-11
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  • On sale

Data sheet Truck ugm-11

Brand Ugears
Reference 8412025
Type of product Model truck kit
Assembly To be assembled (no glue)
Pieces 420
Length (cm) 14,6" / 37
Age + 14+
Difficulty 4 - Difficult
Material Wood
Box size (cm) 50 x 30 x 5

Model truck Truck ugm-11
Age: 14+

Working on a mechanical assembly kit is incredibly exciting, isn't it? Even if it takes you several hours to assemble the model, the final result is really worth it! With the Truck UGM-11 model, you will get an explosion of satisfaction!!

The four-cylinder engine is powered by a crankshaft which draws its power from a fully functional drive shaft turned by a rubber band motor and gear system.
The Truck UGM-11 has 3 modes of operation, forward, reverse and stationary, all controlled by a shifting lever located on the side.

When this lever is in the stop mode, it is possible to start the 4 cylinder engine and watch the 4 pistons move under the hood.

You can also take a look at the cab door and notice the fully functional steering wheel connected via a steering column to the front wheels.

You will also see by pressing on the front of the truck the suspensions made only of wood, it's really realistic.

The elastic engine is of the snake type with a lever mechanism on top of the cab.

The accelerator pedal (gas) increases the engine speed when pressed, which greatly increases the realistic look of this construction kit.

Its rock and roll look will fascinate more than one ! This new model belongs to a new range of mechanical models created by UGEARS MODELS.

The Truck UGM-11 requires a little more time than the other models for assembly.

The assembly manual has been carefully prepared to guide you through the assembly process.

To assemble yourself, without using glue.

Model size: 34x12x12 cm

Package size: 37x17x4 cm

Number of parts: 420

Assembly: from 15 to 20h.

Type of product : Model truck kit
To build a plastic truck model, you'll need a few materials:
- a cutter or cutting pliers
- and model glue.
You can also paint the model with brushes(acrylic or enamel).
The model consists of different parts to cut and assemble.
Construction time will vary depending on the number of parts.

An instruction manual is provided for you inside the box..

To learn more about size and scale, click here.

Reference : -8412025
Other tags : 8412025 - 841225 - -841225


Who is the manufacturer Ugears and what are its specificities?

The manufacturer Ugears offers you a wide selection of models and miniature objects made of light metal. What are its main products?

What are the specificities of Ugears models and miniatures?

Who is the manufacturer Ugears?

Ugears is a Ukrainian company known worldwide for launching the innovative concept of 3D mock-up puzzle made entirely with wood. The Ugears wooden model models are one of a kind and impress with their complexity. Each 3D Ugears puzzle ensures a creative experience that boosts concentration and stimulates fine motor skills from 8 years of age and older. These are wooden mechanical models to be assembled without glue, but following very clear interlocking instructions.

Ugears combines creativity, design and maneuverability in the design of its 3D models made from patented plywood. The manufacturer allows young people and players to understand in a playful way the principles of gear mechanics, locksmithing and watchmaking, but also the propulsion and interlocking systems of the different parts. His wooden puzzle models are replicas in motion thanks to an automatic crank system without motor. The more the mechanics take shape, the more the product will tend to "move".

Read up to advance a mock-up of trains or operate a ugears timer. Impress your friends with a model of a Ugears tractor or a model of a ugears motorcycle that can actually advance a few centimeters without an engine or battery! These manual and ingenious gadgets are ideas for manual activity and ideal gift for young people. They will be delighted to discover the secrets of mechanics thanks to these toys that are out of the ordinary.

What are the specialties of Ugears?

The company Ugears offers a wide range of wooden mechanical gadgets intended for manual activities for young people from 8-10, but also decorative parts to assemble. All Ugears models belong to two main categories of specialties.

What are the specialties of Ugears?

The company Ugears offers a wide range of wooden mechanical gadgets intended for manual activities for young people from 8-10, but also decorative parts to assemble. All Ugears models belong to two main categories of specialties.


Ugears has developed a series of educational and interactive models of models inspired by the mechanisms of objects and gadgets used in everyday life. These models are easily assembled and can be used as decoration. They are also perfect as a gift. Ugear mechanical models in the STEM category, short for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, are gaining popularity, especially in the school environment. Their construction can be practical educational projects for adolescents.


The Ugears Ugames are games of concentration and agility in the form of playful and creative 3D puzzles. You will have at your disposal pre-cut wooden parts that must be attached to each other through a nesting system. The template to follow and instructions are provided. Once all the parts are properly assembled, you will get a wooden 3D model that you can then paint.

What are the most popular Ugears ranges?

Here are some of the most popular Ugears products:

The Metronome;

The Counter;

The Gearbox;

The Curvimeter;

The Arithmetic Kit.

What are the most common Ugears products?

The ugears train or ugears locomotive;

The ugears timer that really works;

The miniature ugears theatre;

The ugears car model;

The ugears tractor model;

The ugears motorcycle model;

The ugears safe;

The ugears horse;

The hurdy gurdy ugears ;

The ugears pistol;

L' ugears kickstarter;

The tram ugears.

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Truck ugm-11 Model kit

Truck ugm-11

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Truck ugm-11

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