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GUNNER Monster 6S remote control car kit version RC Buggy

Scale : 1:8
The all new GUNNER Monster 6S is a scale radio controlled vehicle 1/8 high performance and...
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1/2 GUNNER Monster 6S remote control car kit version RC Buggy
GUNNER Monster 6S remote control car kit version RC buggy
GUNNER Monster 6S remote control car kit version RC Buggy
GUNNER Monster 6S remote control car kit version RC buggy
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Data sheet GUNNER Monster 6S remote control car kit version

Reference Z630007K
Type of product RC buggy
Scale 1:8

The all new GUNNER Monster 6S is a scale radio controlled vehicle 1/8 high performance and ultra durable to allow you to push the extremes.

Fully to assemble

You can use it friendly as your electric GUNNER Buggy or use it to practice Bash and push your limits.< /span>

RC Bashing is driving your radio controlled car at full speed following no r rule, to do the highest jumps, even rolls.

Racing involves a professional track or designated area, rules, regulations and intentions.

You don't drive an RC car just for fun, but rather to win.

To be as efficient the GUNNER Monster 6S has been completely modified by compared to the Buggy of the same name.

This 1/8 brushless Monster has a 4-wheel drive system with three reinforced differentials that precisely distribute the strong power to each of the four wheels.

A central red anodized aluminum reinforcement bar reinforces the resistance of the chassis to all the tests you will make it endure.

< span class="s1">This new chassis is equipped with all ball bearings of a quality s upper.

The new front flares which are equipped with a ball joint system, the Big Bore hydraulic shock absorbers, the front and rear shock absorber supports as well as many parts distributed on the chassis are in red anodized aluminum.

The shock absorbers have sealing bellows to protect them from dust and give them maximum and durable use without seizing. They have 3 different anchor holes on the shock mounts, innovative upper guards.

The undercarriage geometry is fully adjustable and front and rear anti-roll bars are present on the chassis.

The new anodized aluminum motor mount has been designed to allow you to remove and change the motor pinion in one record time as if you were in the pits of an R/C competition.

The wide front suspension arms very resistant have enough flexibility to absorb shocks.

Receiver compartment is dust and splash proof.

The engine crowns and pinion are made of hardened steel.

The sublime and impressive aerodynamic painted and decorated bodywork will look great on the tracks you take to impress your friends.

The GIANT tires on this high grip rubber monster truck build will ensure maximum vehicle traction on all types of surfaces like, asphalt, grass, dirt.

Other Features:

  • 49 Tooth Spur Gear with 12 Tooth Heavy Duty Hardened Steel Motor Pinion
  • Drive system with hardened steel gimbals
  • 17mm red anodized aluminum wheel hexes
  • Anodized Aluminum Akerman Bar
  • Quick and easy access to the transmission for adjustment or maintenance thanks to a new well thought-out engine mount
  • Tier s high strength adjustable s
  • Front Anti-Roll Bar System and rear
  • F/R shock mounts from 5mm red anodized aluminum
  • Chassis side guards reinforced nylon composite for bodywork protection
  • Pare -highly resistant composite front and rear shocks
  • Reinforcements heavy-duty composite front and rear chassis
  • Fasteners Top quality BTR
  • Already painted body included
  • Rims and tires included

Required elements:

A 2-way radio control: we recommend the MHD3S reference Z01003

A minimum 15kg steering servo: We recommend the PROTRONIK S04378840 servo

A Brushless 150A controller: We recommend the HOBBYWING Z63T336093< /p>

An engine Brushless 2000Kv: We recommend the HOBBYWING Z63T336092

Reference :


Mhdpro: Specialties and Models

MHDPRO is a French brand specialized in RC modeling. It offers RC vehicles, including cars, planes, airmen and drones.


MHDPRO: the model specialist

Who is the manufacturer MHDPRO?

MHDPRO is a French brand of RC modeling distributed by Scientific-MHD (1955). It markets a range of radio controlled vehicles, static boats, rc aircraft and airmen, ranging from scale 1/8 to 1/18.

These models are offered with an electric or thermal motor according to preferences. Apart from RC vehicles, the manufacturer also offers a range of accessories and spare parts to enhance the radio controlled driving experience.

What are the specialties of the manufacturer MHDPRO?

Specialist in RC modeling, the manufacturer MHDPRO brings together a variety of scale models in its catalog. Find among others the following types of vehicles:

The RC buggy: Available at scale 1/8 or 1/10 depending on the model, these RC buggys are recommended for off-road leisure driving. They usually equip themselves with a Brushless MHDPRO motor.

The RC mini-car: This is a series of small cars with an inimitable and ultra-fun look, ideal for children or collectors. These MHDPRO 1/8 are available in several bodies.

The RC crawler : This crossing vehicle rides on extreme tracks and offers an autonomy of up to 30 minutes.

The RC drone: MHDPRO's radio-controlled quadcopter allows you to fly over the landscapes while recording beautiful shots. Ready to use, the RC MHDFLY drones are equipped with a micro camera under their belly, a radio controller compatible with the frequency 2.4 GHz as well as a reception and propulsion element. They are powered by an electric motor and can be used outdoors without wind or indoors.

What are the models of MHDPRO and their specificities?

The MHDPRO catalog includes a variety of models each with their own specificities. Among the specialties of the brand is a series of buggy models on the scale of 1/8 to 1/10.

THE RC Buggys 1/8

Here is a selection of buggy at the scale of 1/8 of the brand :

MHDPRO Kansas: This is a series of desert buggys. The Kansas Desert car is an off-roader equipped with an electric motor and a 4WD transmission. It is recommended for beginners or lovers of RC modeling. Note that the buggy is available with a Brushed or Brushless motor according to preferences.

MHDPRO Gunner: This RC buggy is intended for all RC drivers, beginners or experienced. This recreational vehicle is a powerful off-road model. Ready to roll, the model comes fully assembled and decorated. It is powered by a 3.5cc engine with a drawer carburetor and a puller starter.

RC buggys 1/10

From MHDPRO's 1/10 scale RC buggy collection, here is a selection:

MHDPRO Atom: This leisure buggy is equipped with a Brushless motor and a Li-Po 3000 mAh battery. It is reduced to a scale of 1/10 and is easy to use for novices in RC modeling.

MHDPRO Flash: The MHDPRO Flash BX is an RTR buggy. It is equipped with an internal combustion engine, 4WD, a 2.4 GHz radio controller and a Li-Po battery included 3.7v 800 mAh.

R/C universe

R/C universe

Laura - Your R/C Model Specialist

Passionate about R/C model and beautiful mechanics, Laura shares her passion with you and accompanies you in your 1001 Hobbies customer journey, to guarantee you maximum fun and performance during your next R/C outings!

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GUNNER Monster 6S remote control car kit version RC Buggy

GUNNER Monster 6S remote control car kit version

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GUNNER Monster 6S remote control car kit version

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