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RC : Radio control
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Data sheet GYRO CGY755

Brand Futaba
Reference 01000947
Type of product Accessory
Accessories RC : Radio control
In our catalogue since 2020

The all new CGY755R is a heading-keeping and cruise-control gyroscope.

This Futaba gyroscope is identical to the CGY760 but without integrated receiver.

Features of CGY755R :
- size: 37.5 x 26.8 x 16.0 mm
- weight: 20.2 g
- Case with aluminum anodization.

- Holes for mounting on the helicopter frame.

- Update available (CIU2 or CIU3 required)
- Adjustments possible via the transmitter and the GB1 box
- The servo swash 760 uSec (in planning) will be available at a later date.

Gyro section:
PID control already proven on the CGY750.

Multi-directional mounting.

- Digital (1520uSec / 760uSec) and analog (1520uSec) servoS are available.

- 2 types of adjustment methods, 3D and Sports.

- some pre-established program.

Lateral and longitudinal cyclic :
- 2 kinds of adjustment methods, F3C and 3D.

- Supports swashplate types H3-90 / H3-120 / H3-140 / H4-00 / H4-45.

- Digital (1520uSec / 760uSec *) and analog (1520uSec) servomotors are available.

(* 760uSec mode is for the future.)
Speed ​​governor:
- PID control loop.

- Usable for head speeds from 700 RPM to 4000 RPM.

- Des Digital (1520uSec) and analog (1520uSec) servo motors are available.

- Regulator or revolving limiter mode selectable.

- State-of-the-art control algorithm provides more consistent RPM governance.

- The sensor is compatible with GV-1 and CGY750.

- The CGY755R also supports an optional back plate rotation sensor.

- RPM data can be sent to the transmitter.

(Telemetry function)

Reference :
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Futaba: Specialties and Models

It is not uncommon to hear about Futaba when it comes to buying a radio controller. What for? Who is Futaba? What are its products? Focus.

What is Futaba actually?

Who is the manufacturer Futaba

Futaba is a Japanese company specializing in the manufacture and sale of industrial electronic components for recreational use. It was built in 1948, and continues to be talked about in the radio controller, RC car and servo market among others.

How did Futaba develop?

Futaba has become a nearly $1 billion successful company. It is even considered the world leader in its field. Its history began in 1948. It specializes in the manufacture and marketing of vacuum tubes for receivers and display modules. Since then, it has developed its product lines by offering industrial components, machinery, radio controls and tools. Among the Products of Futaba offered on the market, it is possible to mention the Servo Futaba s3003, futaba 16sz, futaba persona 5, futaba 4pls, futaba t8j, futaba s3003, etc. The richness of the Futaba catalog has partly made its reputation in addition to the quality of its products.

Which product has contributed to its success?

It is true that Futaba has always manufactured electronic components. Most of them sell very well. However, there is a specific area where Japanese society has been the most talked about. Indeed, it is the radio controls of aeromodelling and naval modeling that have allowed it to become the world leader in its sector. Besides, many RC cars drivers swear by this brand.

What are the specialties and models of the manufacturer Futaba?

The products offered by Futaba can be grouped into three categories:

In the category of electronic components, the Japanese company offers OLED solutions, VFD modules and display such as the touch screen. All of these components provide enhanced visibility into display modes.

In the field of machinery and tools, the Japanese company offers components for press die sets and mold bases. All kinds of precision plates, application plates and equipment for automation are also manufactured in its factories.

In the category of electronic systems, Futaba offers industrial radio control equipment and RC radio for leisure. These are numerous: futaba 4pl, futaba t6k, futaba 3pv, futaba 4pv, futaba 14sg, futaba t14sg, futaba t16sz, futaba t10j, etc.

Note, the products of the manufacturer Futaba are not to be confused with the futaba channel, futaba yoshioka, futaba mika, futaba anzu, futaba sakura which are part of the Japanese culture. Among other things, the Yoshioka Futaba is a manga. Those of the Japanese company concern only electronic components and futaba rc. Its products are entirely manufactured in its factories. The Japanese company manufactures itself all the components necessary for their production. Manufacturing is done in various places like Japan, USA, Taiwan, Hong Kong, etc.

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