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Lord of the Rings: Helm of Elendil

Elendil, wise and just king and builder of the fortresses of Gondor, watched over much of...
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Lord of the Rings: Helm of Elendil
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Lord of the Rings: Helm of Elendil

Elendil, wise and just king and builder of the fortresses of Gondor, watched over much of Middle-earth. For more than an age great darkness covered the lands until Elendil united with Gil-galad to form the last alliance of elves and men. Elendil led his men to victory against Sauron and his legions of orcs at the Battle of Dagorlad. Then, on the slopes of Mount Orodruin, despite heavy casualties, the Alliance managed to repel Sauron's forces. Cornered there, Sauron himself went to the battlefield. After a fierce battle, Sauron slew the Great King of Men, Elendil, and shattered his legendary sword, Narsil. Elendil's armor and helmet were adorned with feathered wings and seabird crests. These emblems represented the arrival of Elendil over the sea in ships that sailed on the wings of the wind. The crest and wings of Elendil's helmet were slightly larger than other helmets in Gondor, symbolizing his status as king.

A noble and wise king among men, Elendil made an alliance with the Elven king, Gil- galad, to storm the fortress of Sauron, the Dark Lord, whose evil threatened all good creatures in Middle-earth. Although their campaign was victorious, King Elendil himself would face an enemy he could not hope to defeat.

This authentically detailed helmet is a reproduction of the helmet featured in The Lord of the Rings, The Fellowship of the Ring presented by New Line Cinema. United Cutlery Brands, the industry leader in fine film reproductions, has meticulously recreated the real prop helmet using the finest materials and highest quality craftsmanship available. Careful attention to quality is a top priority in every piece. Each helmet is presented with a wooden display stand adorned with the inscription 'The One Ring' and a brass medallion. This adult collectible is strictly limited to 5000 pieces worldwide and is individually serialized on a solid brass plaque mounted inside the back of the helmet to ensure authenticity.

- Includes Parchment Certificate of Authenticity
>- Helmet material: iron, embossed brass decorations and distressed, distressed finish
- Genuine leather lined interior
- Individually serialized on a brass plate solid interior mounted on back of helmet to ensure authenticity
- Display: 9-1/2 x 9-3/4 x 6-7/8 inch wood with burnt edge finish
- Gold screen printed 'The One Ring' wording
- Medallion brass
- Fully functional and wearable
- Reproduced from actual accessory helmets using only the finest materials and craftsmanship - make handicraft

Scale replica
-Box size : 56 cm x 34 cm x 25 cm

Data sheet Lord of the Rings: Helm of Elendil

Brand United Cutlery
Reference UC1383
Type of product Scale replica
Series Lord of the Rings
Box size (cm) 56 x 34 x 25
In our catalogue since July 2023
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Lord of the Rings: Helm of Elendil

Lord of the Rings: Helm of Elendil

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Lord of the Rings: Helm of Elendil

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Excellent customer review

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Very satisfied. Had the items I was searching for. Price was good. Arrived in a timely fashion.



Fast Shipping.






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1001 Hobbies had all the paint colors that I needed for my Revell model, and the price was a lot better that in other places I looked for. Very...



It tooks too long for delivery, some of the items didn't match my order. Didn't bother to return it.



Item arrived on time and perfect condition.



The order was delivered to the US by the promised date and was delivered in excellent condition. It was easy to track it on its way here....


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