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BP Epic Battles: ACW Confederate Command Add-on and figurine sets for figurine games

Robert E. Lee: The son of ‘Light Horse Harry’ Lee, an officer who served in a previous rebellion,...
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1/2 BP Epic Battles: ACW Confederate Command Add-on and figurine sets for figurine games
BP Epic Battles: ACW Confederate Command Add-on and figurine sets for figurine games
BP Epic Battles: ACW Confederate Command Add-on and figurine sets for figurine games
BP Epic Battles: ACW Confederate Command Add-on and figurine sets for figurine games
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Data sheet BP Epic Battles: ACW Confederate Command

Brand Warlord Games
Reference 315114015
Type of product Add-on and figurine sets for figurine games
Robert E. Lee: The son of ‘Light Horse Harry’ Lee, an officer who served in a previous rebellion, Robert Edward Lee graduated top in his class at West Point at the start of his military career. He was an accomplished officer and had served across the country and provided staunch service during the Mexican War. When Virginia seceded Lee felt bound to his native state and resigned his commission in the Regular Army, offering his services to Virginia and the fledgling Confederacy. Famously, Lee was offered command of the Union forces about to head south, but felt honour bound and declined.

During the next four years he proved to be one of the greatest battlefield commanders and tacticians of his age. He invaded the North late in ’62 and held McClellan again at Sharpsburg (Antietam). On the strategic defensive in early ’63 he defeated The Army of the Potomac at Chancellorsville in May where Jackson fell. On the offensive in June he led his army into Pennsylvania and the climactic battle of Gettysburg where he was checked by Meade.

On the defensive, Lee was initially able to match and hold Grant as he bore down on the Confederacy in ’64 and ’65, but eventually no amount of tactical genius could offset the numerical and technical superiority of the Union. With his lines around Petersburg breeched Lee abandoned the city and Richmond and struck out west trying to avoid the circling Union armies. Eventually Lee was compelled to surrender himself and his army to Grant at Appomattox Court House on April 9th, 1865.

Note that this figure has a brand-new pose and differs from the ACW pre-order exclusive figure.

Thomas ‘Stonewall’ Jackson: Jackson is one of most able Confederate commanders and is only eclipsed, perhaps, by Lee. Thomas Jonathan "Stonewall" Jackson was an instructor at the Virginia Military Institute when war broke out and offered his services to his native state, Virginia. At First Manassas he won immortality when his brigade held its ground in the face of a heavy Union assault. A fellow officer, noting Jackson’s brigade and trying to rally his own men, called out: “Look, there stands Jackson – like a stone wall!” The name stuck.

Jackson was placed in command of the Confederate forces operating in the Shenandoah Valley and promptly lead his Union opponents a merry chase. By a series of forced marches with his infantry, or “foot cavalry” as they became known due to their speed, he was able to surprise and defeat all the Union forces sent against him in isolation. His antics were largely aided by the fact that he had a much better map of the Valley than his opponents – reputedly 10 ft long! At Antietam his corps held all of McClellan’s uncoordinated assaults despite heavy losses and at Fredericksburg his troops performed the same duty. In May of 1863 he and Lee masterminded a flank assault that broke Hooker’s will and drove the Army of the Potomac north. It was at the moment of his greatest success that he was accidentally shot by his own men on the evening of the 2nd May while reconnoitering the Union lines ready for a renewal of the action. Carried from the field, his left arm was amputated but complications ensued and he died on the 10th May 1863.

Also included is a HQ standard Bearer.

This pack contains 3 mounted command figures in metal.

Models supplied unassembled and unpainted

Reference :

Warlord Games

Who is the manufacturer Warlord Games?

The war-themed games are many and varied. However, there is one manufacturer that stands out from the rest: Warlord Games.

The essentials to know about the game maker Warlord Games

Who is the manufacturer Warlord Games?

Created in 2007, Warlord Games consists of designers, manufacturers and distributors of historical miniature figurines, but also futuristic. The company is based in the United Kingdom, England, more precisely in Nottingham. Warlord Games games are distributed in France by Warlord Games France.

Since 2014, Warlord Games has continued to expand. It has opened a sales office in America and has set up sales representatives throughout Europe. Warlord Games even maintains partnerships with other companies, such as Games Workshop.

Where are the Warlord Games designed?

Warlord games is above all a miniatures game. As for their design, as well as for that of their packaging, they are carried out in-house, in other words, in their headquarters in Nottingham. All the components of the Warlord Games games are then meticulously made with care by the company's staff.

What materials are Warlord Games figures designed in?

The different Warlord Games minifigures can be designed with different materials. Here are the main materials in which they are made:


The metal;

The resin.

What about the Warlord games range?

The Warlord games range is constantly evolving and expanding. Indeed, the company is constantly looking for exciting new possibilities by striving to release novelties every week. With its internal sculptors, it gives life to new units or even to other ranges that complement those that already exist.

What are the different collections of Warlord Games?

By the various Warlord Games collections, there are among others:

Bolt Action;

Hail Caesar;

Beyond by Gates of Antares;

Black Seas;

Blood Red Skies;

Black Powder;

Cruel Seas;


Doctor Who;

Judge Dredd;

Warlords of Erehwon;

Pike & Shotte;

Strontium Dog;





Isorian Shard;

Algoryn .

This list is not exhaustive, since there are still other collections such as Konflikt' 47 or Andy Chambers.

Zoom on Bolt Action: history and armies

The Bolt Action collection from Warlord Games takes you to the middle of World War II. It offers you to command your troops during the great clashes of this war. Bolt action will make you relive the most famous battles of this conflict. The rules of the game clearly explain how to conduct the battles. This settlement booklet contains 6 scenarios. Also be aware that a Bolt Action figure is a 28 mm figurine.

Parmi the different Bolt Action figures, you can find:

The French army figurine;

The Italian army figurine;

The German army figurine;

The American Army figurine;

The Japanese army figurine;

The English army figurine;

Or still the Russian army figurine,and many others.

The scenery of the game can be purchased, but also built by you.

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Cyril is a collector and a fan of imaginary cultures. He shares his passion with you and accompanies you in your 1001 Hobbies customer journey, presenting you with the essential action figures and guiding you in building your collection!

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BP Epic Battles: ACW Confederate Command Add-on and figurine sets for figurine games

BP Epic Battles: ACW Confederate Command

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BP Epic Battles: ACW Confederate Command

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