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Lotr: easterling warriors Add-on and figurine sets for figurine games

Scale : 28mm - 1:56
Erotic figure LOTR: EASTERLING WARRIORS The Orientals are the most fanatical of all the...
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LOTR: EASTERLING WARRIORS Add-on and figurine sets for figurine games


Brand Games Workshop
Reference 99121464018
Type of product Add-on and figurine sets for figurine games
Scale 28mm - 1:56
Assembly to be assembled and painted
Army LOTR Humans
Box size (cm) 23 x 15 x 3

The Orientals are the most fanatical of all the following Sauron, and the warriors best equipped with his troops.
Unlike the Orcs who rushed out of the Black Gate, the armies of the East are disciplined and well-trained warriors who will proudly fight for Sauron, whom they see as a vengeful deity.
They have been educated in warrior arts since a very young age, and their wives fight as equals with other men.
In the kingdom of Rhûn, all are prepared to fight in the name of the Dark Lord.
Orientals fight a formidable phalanges lances forming an array of sharp blades virtually impenetrable, and only a fool general or unconscious send his head down against soldiers such training.

This box 54 contains components with which assemble 20 Oriental Warriors plastic: 8 with sword and shield, 8 with bow, and 4 with spear and shield.
They are supplied with 20 round bases of 25mm.
Figurines to assemble and paint.
We recommend the use of Plastic Glue and Citadel Paints.

Type of product : Model figures
The figurines are sold in boxes with several figures:
- in the 1:72 scale, the boxes usually contain 40-50 figurine soldiers, or 15 cavalry figurines
- in the 1:32 or 1:35 scale, the boxes contain 10-15 figurines of soldiers, or 5 to 10 cavalry .

To learn more about size and scale, click here.

Reference : 99121464018
Other tags : 99121464018 - 9912146418 - 9912146418
Add-on and figurine sets for figurine games - to be assembled and painted
Scale : 28mm - 1:56 -Box size : 23 cm x 15 cm x 3 cm

Games Workshop

Who is the manufacturer games workshop?

Games Workshop is known in the creation of figurines, the most famous of which are Warhammer, Blood Bowl or Warmaster or Mordheim.

All you have to know about the manufacturer Games Workshop

Who is the manufacturer games workshop?

Games Workshop is an English company expert in making Warhammer figurines. She is known for publishing medieval fantasy or futuristic wargames. It produces versions such as Gorkamorka, Battlefleet Gothic, Necromunda, Inquisitor,Epicor Warhammer 40,000 for the futuristic and Blood Bowl, Warmaster, Mordheim or Warhammer for the fantastic.

The company also published White Dwarfmagazine, which was entirely dedicated to major board games such as The Lord of the Rings. In addition, it has allowed the birth of other universes with strong identities, having also made its success. Designers, "historical" sculptors and illustrators of the brand have used creativity to bring out a unique graphic design and description, mixing history, art, myths and various references to fantasy, literature or science fiction. The result is:

Warhammer Fantasy

As part of the company, Warhammer Fantasy is a fantasy world essentially inspired by planet Earth, including its geography. Thus, several countries of the Old World are representations of some European countries of the Renaissance among others.

Warhammer 40,000

Also owned by society, this universe is a futuristic vision of the galaxy in the 41st millennium and not a futuristic representation of Warhammer. In this imaginary world, humans find themselves under the domination of the Imperium, a totalitarian theocracy. If some races of aliens have some similarities with the Warhammer characters andheroic fantasy such as the Eldars or the armies of Chaos, some more original such as the Tyranids draw their characteristics from the Aliens of the eponymous film.

Warhammer Age of Sigmar

In 2015, Warhammer gave way to Warhammer Age of Sigmar. By collapsing, this Old World has nevertheless retained some of its entities, in their initial form or revisited.

What are the themes of the Games Workshop figurines?

Games Workshop is a must when it comes to miniaturesgames. It offers for this purpose several themes focused in particular around fantastic figurines and futuristic figurines. The warhammer collection includes among other things different warhammer figurines with an impressive design. Other ranges are to be discovered in all Games Workshop France stores or in Maxi Rêves boutiques.

What are the different armies of Games Workshop figurines?

The Games Workshop minifigures are available in different powerful legions that players will choose according to the scenario to be staged. These armies count in their ranks among others:


The Spaces Marines or elite force of the Imperium;

The Imperial Guard;

The Grey Knights;

L' Adeptus Mechanicus ;

The Imperial Navy.

The Xeno Armies




T'au Empire ;


The Warhammer Armies of Chaos

Chaos Space Marines;

Chaos Daemons;

Chaos Knights;

Death Guard.

Grand Alliance Order

All Armies of Order;


Citiesof Sigmar;

Idoneth Deepkin;

Daughters of Kaine.

Armée de l'Imperium or Imperial Forces

Sisters of Silence;

Space Marines;

Space Wolves;

Salamanders .

Pop culture universe

Pop culture universe

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Cyril is a collector and a fan of imaginary cultures. He shares his passion with you and accompanies you in your 1001 Hobbies customer journey, presenting you with the essential action figures and guiding you in building your collection!

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LOTR: EASTERLING WARRIORS Add-on and figurine sets for figurine games


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