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Egyptian Chariot Cardboard modelkit

Scale : 1:9
Magnificent colours, lifelike horses, the chariot with the weapons and the charioteer – a great...
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Egyptian Chariot Cardboard modelkit
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Data sheet Egyptian Chariot

Reference 808
Type of product Cardboard modelkit
Scale 1:9
Material Cardboard
Magnificent colours, lifelike horses, the chariot with the weapons and the charioteer – a great and grand model that will delight any accomplished modeller.
In the ancient world, chariots were single-axle military vehicles harnessed to horses.
They usually consisted of two wheels with a simple bar to which the horses were harnessed. The platform was shaped like the letter D and had a handrail on the sides and at the front. This was usually richly decorated. The entrance was at the back on the open side. A chariot was so lightly built that it could also be carried by one man.
It was from the race of the Hittites and the Hyksos, a group of foreign kings, that the Egyptians adopted many weapons technologies, probably also the chariots. As a great power, Egypt could afford to purchase and maintain the vehicles. Special knowledge and much effort were required for maintenance. In addition, horses had to be kept in large herds, which had not existed in Egypt until then. This meant that suitable stabling, care and training of the animals were necessary. The training of the charioteers and horse trainers was also very costly. The soldiers on the chariots were archers. The chariots were also equipped with shields and weapons such as lances, axes or javelins. The chariot corps of the Egyptian army was an elite force. It was divided into squadrons of 25 chariots each. Several squadrons formed a regiment. In a battle, many chariot regiments rode on the flanks of the infantry, others were ready behind the front as reserves. During an attack, several hundred chariots rode close together. This gave them a more massive effect and also influenced the enemy psychologically. The reserve was responsible for pursuing the enemy. Pharaohs always rode into battle on chariots. Whether they rode ahead, were part of the army or stayed in the background is not known. About 3,600-year-old reliefs from Egyptian tombs and temples show pharaohs and warriors proudly charging into battle on chariots drawn by horses. But the vehicles were not only popular with the Egyptian army.
Anyone who was anyone would buy one or more chariots as an object of prestige. People at that time were fascinated by the latest technology, practicality and comfort. A chariot could reach a speed of 40 kilometres per hour. In the ancient world, such a speed was unimaginable before then. The enthusiasm for these vehicles was naturally also great among kings and pharaohs. Queen Nefertiti had herself depicted with her chariot in a relief. During excavations, huge stables were discovered that date back to Ramses II. In Tutanchamun’s burial chambers, several chariots were found as burial objects.

Reference :

Cardboard modelkit
Scale : 1:9


Who is the manufacturer SCHREIBER-BOGEN and what are its specificities?

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Schreiber-BOGEN covers: specificities and different models

Who is the manufacturer SCHREIBER-BOGEN?

The German company SCHREIBER-BOGEN manufactures cardboard models as real as they are nature, intended for decoration or manual activities. SCHREIBER-BOGEN conceptualizes constructions that are both flexible and lightweight, which can be disassembled and moved as you wish. The modellers cut the cartons with the greatest precision in order to reproduce as faithfully as possible the main remains and emblematic buildings of the world. Discover the HO-scale cardboard model of the most beautiful castles, churches and cathedrals, historic buildings and much more, made by SCHREIBER-BOGEN.

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What are schreiber-bogen's specialties?

SCHREIBER-BOGEN is mainly dedicated to the construction of dioramas and cardboard models that are presented at exhibition fairs.

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Bymi the SCHREIBER-BOGEN model specialties are buildings of tourist interest such as castles and towers, large administrative buildings, churches, synagogues and mosques and of course planes[How to make a model of an aircraft?] and boats. Each product is made solely from cardboard glued or nested between them, presenting the most striking details of these built heritages.

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Here are some of the most common SCHREIBER-BOGEN products:

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Egyptian Chariot Cardboard modelkit

Egyptian Chariot

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Egyptian Chariot

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