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Aqua Gray Green Matt - 18ml Paint

Paint Aqua Gray Green Matt - 18ml Les avantages des peintures acrylique Revell :  - 88 nuances...
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Aqua Gray Green Matt - 18ml Paint
Aqua Gray Green Matt - 18ml Acrylic model paint
Aqua Gray Green Matt - 18ml Revell
Revell36167 Aqua Gray Green Matt - 18ml
Aqua Gray Green Matt - 18ml Paint
Aqua Gray Green Matt - 18ml Acrylic model paint
Aqua Gray Green Matt - 18ml Revell
Revell36167 Aqua Gray Green Matt - 18ml
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Data sheet Aqua Gray Green Matt - 18ml

Brand Revell
Reference Revell36167
Type of product Acrylic model paint
Age + 9+

Paint Aqua Gray Green Matt - 18ml
Les avantages des peintures acrylique Revell :  - 88 nuances disponibles  - Les peintures peuvent être diluées avec de l'eau  - Les peintures ont une odeur très légère  - Les peintures ne sont pas inflammables  - Les peintures ne contiennent pratiquement aucun solvant organique  - Les peintures peuvent être mélangées ensemble  - La peinture est totalement sèche après 2 - 3 heures  Ces peintures conviennent également pour la peinture à l'aérographe, mais il convient de noter ce qui suit :  - Les peintures ne doivent pas être trop diluées (diluer avec max.

20 à 25% d'eau)  - Il est préférable de diluer les peintures avec le produit dédié Aqua Color Mix.

Cela sert également de retardateur et empêche la peinture de se sécher trop rapidement dans le pistolet.

- Le pistolet pulvérisateur doit être nettoyé avec de l'eau immédiatement après l'utilisation.

Si la peinture est déjà sèche, le pistolet de pulvérisation peut également être nettoyé avec les produits suivants : Airbrush Clean ou Aqua Color Clean.

Pour une utilisation avec un pinceau :  - Les peintures peuvent être appliquées avec un pinceau  - Avec un pinceau, vous pourrez obtenir une surface presque aussi lisse qu'avec un aérographe  - Le résultat final est absolument comparable à celui des peintures émail couleur émail

Type of product : Acrylic model paint
Acrylic paint is diluted with water and the brush can be cleaned with water.

Acrylic paint is recommended for beginners or children.

Experts generally prefer the enamel paint.

Reference : 167
Other tags : 36167 - 36167 - 4009836167 - 49836167 - 167
Acrylic model paint
-Box size : 3 cm x 3 cm x 3 cm


Revell: Specialties and Models

Revell makes plastic models available in a wide variety of combinations of classic, replica or fictional models.

All you can learn about the Revell brand

Who is the manufacturer Revell?

With 60 years of experience, Revell is the pioneer of the construction of plastic models in Germany and Europe. The brand is one of the leading suppliers of RC modeling prodcuts on the market.

What are the specialties of the manufacturer Revell?

Revell markets a varied and complete collection of RC products to satisfy all modeller profiles. Each of the proposed reproductions can be piloted on land, in the water or in the air. Among the Revell models are models of modern submarines. Thanks to the high realism of the details, they are ideal for technology enthusiasts and for lovers of naval modeling.

The Revell RC models are particularly faithful to their originals. Moreover, authentic stickers allow modellers to mount a portuguese, Greek, or South Korean navy boat according to their desires. These replicas have been reproduced with attention to detail to be as realistic as possible.

What are revell's different products?

In revell's catalog, a wide selection of products is available to modeling enthusiasts:

The revell painting;

The RC Buggy;

The Electric Buggy;

The RC car;

The RC Drone;

The RC airbrush;

The RC bus;

RC helicopters;

The RC boats;

The RC aircraft;

The revell glue;

The aircraft model;

The kits.

What are the shades of color proposed?

The Revell color line contains a color palette to give a realistic effect to most miniature models:

Mat ;





What are Revell's models and their specificities?

Revell's construction models are available for amateurs, intermediaries or experienced model makers. Among the most famous models of the brand are:

The revell swatch;

The revell control drone;

The revell junior kit;

The revell aqua color painting;

The revell star destroyer;

The model u boot revell 1/72.

The Revell star wars model is the most fashionable when it comes to the brand's spaceship models. This achievement recalls the unprecedented moments of the world-famous saga. Thus, it is possible to relive Star Wars and its various episodes through the replicas faithful to revell's originals.

Star Wars returns with more epic adventures, but in model maker version this time around. Moreover, modellers have the choice between the following features:

Se light side of the Force: it is possible to choose between the X-Wing of the rebel army or the Millennium Falcon of Han Solo.

The dark side of the Force: opt for the famous TIE fighter, the Empire cruiser or the frightening ship of Darth Vader.

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Aqua Gray Green Matt - 18ml Paint

Aqua Gray Green Matt - 18ml

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Aqua Gray Green Matt - 18ml

$2.39 $2.39 $3.99

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Excellent customer review

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Prompt delivery. I received my total order and I am very happy with 1001 Hobbies! I will be ordering more modeling supplies in the future.



Thanks for providing me with a game that is unavailable to me in the states! I just wished that the product had better tracking information as it...



Prompt service at a good price



very,very, good



I needed larger sized Swastikas for a 1/32 model and this was perfect!


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