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3D Puzzle: Tips & Tricks

While classic puzzles are sometimes difficult to assemble, 3D puzzles can be more complicated. Here's the essentials to know about these.

The essentials to know about 3D puzzles

What is a 3D puzzle?

Just like classic puzzles, the 3D puzzle was one of the so-called "puzzle" board games. Unlike the 2D puzzle, the 3D puzzle materializes in space. In general, it represents famous monuments and sites or a spherical ball. The themes of constructions in 3D puzzles can be very varied. Otherwise, whether it is a 3D puzzle Ravensburger, Wrebbit, DToys, Cubic Fun or Pintoo, the game principle is usually the same.

How to play a 3D puzzle?

Whether it's a 3D wooden puzzle or other material, here are the steps to follow to easily make a 3D puzzle:

  • Sort the pieces of the puzzle by color;
  • Sort puzzle pieces by illustration (pieces that have similar illustrations);
  • Sort the pieces of the puzzle by shape (generally, the pieces that form the contours of the 3D puzzle display straight lines, mortises or tenons. Those with growths and troughs make up the central part. Some parts may also have a curved shape.) ;
  • Create subcategories by gathering similar parts. For this, it will be necessary to pay particular attention to the details of the colors or patterns;
  • Depending on the type of 3D puzzle, if it is a monument for example, start the assembly from the bottom.

If it is an object, such as a car, it is possible to assemble different parts and unite the whole at the end. Parts with borders usually form the frame of structures. The ideal is to always start the 3D puzzle with its main frame. It can be a chassis, a frame or a skeleton.

What are the most popular 3D puzzle themes?

Here are the most frequently searched 3D puzzle themes:

  • For monuments: Eiffel Tower (luminous Eiffel Tower); Statue of Liberty; Big Ben Arc de Triomphe; Empire State Building Football stadium (velodrome stadium, Parc des Princes, etc.); Our lady of paris; Colosseum; Taj Mahal Tower of Pisa; Mont Saint Michel; Buckingham Palace
  • For Films/Cartoons: Harry Potter; Star Wars; Disney (Disney castle); Pat Patrol; Pokémon; The snow queen; Titanic; Cars.
  • Other themes that are also solicited: Dinosaur; Horse; cities (Paris, London, New York); train.

A 3D puzzle for every age

It is indeed possible to find a child 3D puzzle and an adult 3D puzzle. However, whether for young or old, know above all that the 3D puzzle improves spatial orientation, fine motor skills or the ability to observe. The goal is also to make geometric associations between the different parts.

The 3D puzzle for children

For children, the ideal is to opt for a 3D puzzle with a minimum number of pieces, depending on their level. A child who has already had experience with Legos or other games and toys for embedded and educational for example will get by more easily with a 3D puzzle.

The ideal is to opt for a model whose theme interests him, such as the 3D puzzles Cars, The Snow Queen or on the theme of animals. Otherwise, for a child from 8 to 11 years old among others, a 3D puzzle of 50 to 180 pieces will do very well.

The 3D puzzle for adults

Adults can opt for a more complex and elaborate 3D puzzle. Generally speaking, models intended for adults can be composed of 500 pieces or more.


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