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How to choose an RC car circuit?

The RC car circuit makes it possible to carry out races whose route is predefined in advance. Here's how to choose one.

Choose an RC car circuit: what you need to know

How to choose an RC car circuit?

The RC car circuit is a track with a predefined trajectory. It allows you to drive a radio controlled car. This circuit can be installed in the house, in the garage or outside to carry out races alone, with friends or family. The size and model of a remote-controlled car circuit differ from one brand to another. To enjoy maximum driving pleasure, it is advisable to refer to the driver's profile and intended use.

For a child, a car circuit mat is recommended from the age of 3. You can choose a model representing a small town to make the adventure as realistic as possible. A wooden table with printed roads and streets is a good choice for a child.

For young people and adults in search of sensations, an RC car circuit with a more difficult layout and looping is recommended. The looping makes it possible to make circular acrobatics and crazy figures with the radio controlled car. You can choose an electric car circuit to propel your RC vehicle at high speed.

Apart from practicality, take into account the design of the car circuits. Some models have storage space that can accommodate a collection of miniature RC cars.

What are the brands of RC car circuits?

Many brands offer RC car circuits for all ages, including:





Motor & Co Race.

The choice of model depends on the type of circuit desired. The Carrera electric car circuit is a good option if you are looking for thrills. Here are also some templates that may be of interest to you:

Dies Carrera Car Tour;

Segeneral Rally Corsica SCX WRC car tour;

2 looping motor & co race ;

Flextreme Smoby car tour.

What accessories for electronic car circuits?

The circuits of electric cars can accommodate additional accessories. For the Carrera range of electric car circuits,you can acquire:

Ttt Carrera Go wireless controllers to achieve a race for two;

A bluetooth adapter to connect the car to a device;

A single-way unit adapter;

Bridge borders;

Elying borders;

Right curves for a change of inner or outer lane;

Sal decoders,


The customization of a car circuit is completely free. You can choose the accessories according to your tastes and the route to be made.

You're a beginner: Here are some tips to get started

You're new to slot racing or RC car racing on an electric circuit? Here are our tips:

Start with an analog road circuit to introduce yourself to racing;

Keep the magnet on the bottom of the RC car chassis to ensure its stability;

N't force-close the circuit if you're worried, change the length of the rails instead.

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