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How to choose a thermal rc aircraft?

Want to get into aeromodelling? Here's how to choose a thermal rc plane and tips to get started.

Thermal rc plane: how to choose it?

How do I get started with a RC radio controlled aircraft?

Aeromodelling is a discipline that requires mastering certain basics to avoid any accident. Thus, to start well with a radio controlled aircraft, it is necessary to know some notions before the first flight, namely:

The radio frequency: it is to know that each radio communicates with the aircraft via a frequency of emissions. It is therefore important to check that the radio is not on the same channels as other pilots in the vicinity, at the risk of causing an accident. For this purpose, it is recommended to be equipped with a 2.4 GHz radio, the particularity of which is to select a free channel in order to communicate with its receiver.

Weather conditions: As in aeronautics, aeromodelling takes into account weather conditions for the smooth running of each flight. Indeed, in case of excess wind for example, the aircraft may be carried away, hence the need to choose a stable model.

Direction: Direction management is one of the peculiarities of aeromodelling. This is relative to the position of the aircraft and not to that of the pilot.

What are the different brands of thermal aircraft?

An RC aircraft or a remotely operated aircraft is a flying agent controlled from land by a radio controller. The manufacturers of these aircraft, to offer models that are increasingly maneuverable and easy to assemble, are constantly innovating, which explains the popularity of this toy aircraft. In addition, apart from the playful side appreciated by enthusiasts of original toys and lovers of scale models, aircraft modeling is a good way to learn how to fly. There are also a multitude of models, including radio-controlled aircraft equipped with an internal combustion engine. These models have a tank powered by a mixture of methanol or gasoline, used as fuel. Rc glider, metal plane, fighter aircraft, seaplane or phantom aircraft, thermal aircraft are available in different models, and exist in different brands. Here is a non-exhaustive list of the best brands for a thermal aircraft:

Axion RC;









What are the important accessories for an RC aircraft?

Resembling their larger counterparts, miniature aircraft have a fuselage, one or more wings, propeller, tail empennage and engine to propel them. Each of these elements can be configured in different ways depending on the model. These parts are essential for a well-functioning aircraft. In addition, different accessories can be integrated to customize a thermal rc aircraft. For this purpose, there are different aircraft kits intended for experienced pilots. For beginners, it is recommended to opt for a complete RTF kit, that is to say a pre-mounted and complete aircraft, or a BNF kit, in other words, a pre-mounted aircraft, but whose compatible radio is still to be provided.

Which rc plane for a beginner?

To reduce the risk of accidents, it is necessary to consider different criteria for flying a thermally modeled radio controlled aircraft, including stability and number of channels:

Stability: As a beginner, it can be easy to be tempted by graphical and fast aircraft models. However, it should be noted that the first flights require a very stable wind to gradually acquire the right gestures and fly racing aircraft. For this reason, it is advisable to choose a high-winged aircraft to start, to ensure the stability of the aircraft.

The number of channels: in modeling, the number of channels corresponds to the number of possible actions on the radio controller. A 3-way radio, for example, allows you to control the gas, rudder and depth. In addition, there are to date complex radios of up to 16 channels. For better maneuverability, it is recommended to choose a simple 3- or 4-way model for a beginner.

Take-off and landing: what are the procedures?

After choosing the thermal model, it is necessary to know the take-off and landing procedures for a successful first flight. Thus, to take off a thermal rc aircraft, it is necessary to place the nose pointing towards the horizon while holding it forward and slightly above the pilot before launching it after performing a few quick strides. For a safe landing, the aircraft must be kept in the wind, ensuring that its wings are perfectly parallel to the ground. Then, reduce the throttle to allow a gradual descent. When the aircraft touches land, the nose must be straightened by pulling the radio control column.

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