How to choose an RC car for a car circuit?

A RC car can drive on an electric car circuit, a car circuit or a bright flexible circuit. Learn how to choose one.

Choose an RC car for a car circuit: the points to remember

What are the best known RC car brands?

A branded RC vehicle ensures driving pleasure and more realism on a car circuit. To make a good choice, trust miniature models inspired by the following brands:



Red Bull;


Aston Martin;


Porsche .

These miniature version replicas are intended for circuit racing. It is possible to acquire them from brands specializing in modeling such as Carrera, ScaleXtric,Fly andWRC.

What are the different car circuits?

A car circuit is an installation for racing or competitions of remote-controlledcars. For the little ones, a car circuit mat is recommended. They will only have to use the radio controller to walk the streets and roads printed on the carpet. With age, the criteria for choice increase. There are two types of electric car circuits:

The analog circuit: the control is done through electrical stimuli transferred via the rails. It is possible to position two cars in a single rail, and they will perform similar movements. This type of circuit offers up to 8 channels, or 8 players, depending on the brand.

The digital circuit: more advanced, an electrical signal is sent and encoded on the rail. Its technology allows players to position themselves on the same rail by performing different movements. It is thus possible to double or change the lane to increase the intensity of the race.

Not that car circuit models can have other features: light, flexibility, looping, etc.

How to choose an RC car for a child?

Choose an RC car for a child can be a daunting task, especially when it comes to its very first model. The choice is influenced by the child's behaviour and environment. Ask yourself the right questions: is he careful? does he have siblings or a pet? The choice of the robustness of the remote-controlled car will depend on these answers.

It is also necessary to take into account the intended use: outdoors or indoors. Indeed, RC car models are specific to off-road and on-road. For the scale, the ideal is to choose a 1/10, 1/18 or 1/20 model depending on the pilot track. Finally, if the child has a favorite car, you can simply look for his miniature replica to please him.

Which RC car to choose for an electric circuit?

There are different models of car for electric circuit,here are some likely to impressyou:

Voiture for flexible light circuit;

Car for Carrera go circuit.

Car for light flexible circuit

The car for bright flexible circuit is part of the Lightning Speedy collection, batch of codomoxo bright cars, transparent race cars with 5 flashing LED lights from Proacc 3.

Car for Circuit Carrera go

The car for circuit Carrera go integrates the box Majorette Formula-E, car carrera go Porsche GT3 cup, Audi RS 5 DTM, Red bull racing RB14, 64162 Lamborghini, car for circuit Mario Kart.


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