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World War 2 figurines: Tips & Tricks

Military figurines, military soldiers or soldier figurines, the 2nd GM figurines offer all the characteristics of a realistic war model.

The essentials on the figurines of 2nd World War

What are the main lines of the 2nd World War?

The Second World War was an armed conflict that took place on a global scale. This dispute between the Allies and the Axis began on 1 September 1939 and ended on September 1945. Military operations began first in Western Europe, then in Eastern Europe before breaking out in Asia, the Pacific and North Africa. While the Axis countries recorded the greatest victories until 1942, they finally capitulated in 1945 following successive defeats. The main causes of the Second World War include:

The diktat imposed by the Treaty of Versailles

The First World War culminated in the Treaty of Versailles of 1919, considered a diktat by Germany. Indeed, that agreement obliged it to acknowledge its unilateral responsibility for the outbreak of the conflict. In compensation, Germany had to pay compensation to the victims as "reparations", suffer a reduction of its sovereignty in the west and amputations of territories in the east.

Nazi Germany's Responsibility

Once in power, Adolf Hitler tried to remove the diktat of Versailles to provide enough "living space" dedicated to the demographic expansion of the territory. He also embarked on a series of coups de force against which England and France remained unanswered.

Mussolini's rapprochement in favor of Nazi Germany

After the violation of the Stresa Agreements, an agreement between Britain, Italy and France, Mussolini decided to join Hitler.

Japanese expansionism

Gradually, the absence of a U.S. response to Japan's growing influence strengthened the beginnings of the war. With their rich and realistic design, 2nd GM figurines like military figurines and miniature soldiers have all the features to reconstruct history and relive the epic moments of this great war.

What is the history of the Battle of Normandy in figurine?

The Battle of Normandy is one of the greatest battles of the 20th century. On June 6, 1944, the Allies managed to land in France through the Normandy beaches. However, they are finding it difficult to move into the heart of the territory. To the east, the British led by General Montgomery struggled to seize Caen. In the west, General Bradley's Americans plunged into the Contentin bocage, causing the "war of the hedges". With World War II soldier figures, players can piece together this impromptu landing as well as the resistance of German forces against the Allies.

What figurines to reconstitute the Second World War?

Whether for the painting of the figurines of the Second World War or to recreate the great scenes of this international conflict, players must obtain the necessary soldier figurines for this purpose, namely:

  • Figurines of German soldiers;
  • Figurines of French soldiers;
  • Figurines of American soldiers;
  • Figurines of Italian soldiers;
  • Figurines of Russian soldiers;
  • Figurines of English soldiers.


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