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Schneider French tank, early Model kit

Scale : 1:35
Military model Schneider French tank, early HOBBYBOSS gives us here his third French tank at...
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1/2  Schneider French tank, early Model kit
 Schneider French tank, early Model kit
 Schneider French tank, early Model kit
 Schneider French tank, early Model kit
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Data sheet Schneider French tank, early

Brand Hobby Boss
Reference 9583861
Type of product Military model kit
Scale 1:35
Assembly to be assembled and painted
Paint and glue To be bought separately
Era World War I - 1914-1918
Box size (cm) 34 x 22 x 6

Military model Schneider French tank, early
HOBBYBOSS gives us here his third French tank at the scale 1/35.

The kit consists of more than 380 pieces to assemble with many details, individual caterpillars to assemble, parts in photo cutting.

The model should be available in early November in stores.

History: The Schneider CA 1 (originally called the Schneider CA) was the first French tank.

The Schneider tank was inspired by the need to break the stalemate of trench warfare on the Western Front during most of the Great War.

His mission was to open passages for the infantry through the barbed wire and then to remove the German machine gun nests.

After a first concept by Jacques Quellennec in November 1914, the tank was developed from May 1915 by the engineer Eugène Brillié, parallel to the British development of the same year.

Colonel Jean Baptiste Eugene Estienne in December 1915 began pushing for the formation of French armored units, leading to an order in February 1916 of the first four hundred Schneider CA tanks, which were manufactured by SOMUA, a subsidiary of Schneider located in the suburb of Paris, between September 1916 and August 1918.

The tank was of type "box", lack of a turret, with the main armament, a short barrel of 75 mm, on the right side.

Generally, it is considered of very imperfect design, even for the time, because of a poor lay-out, of an insufficient firepower, of a very restricted interior and lower mobility because of a section of nose overhanging.

Improved models were almost immediately studied but the production of these, the Schneider CA 2, CA 3 and CA 4, were finally canceled.

The Schneider CA 1 was widely used in fights during the last years of the war.

Their first action on April 16, 1917 was largely a failure, tank units suffering heavy losses, but subsequent engagements were more effective.

In 1918, Schneider tanks played an important role in stopping the German spring offensive and broke the German front during the French offensives of the summer.

They were active until the end of September 1918, less than two months before the armistice of November 11, 1918, their number having decreased considerably.

After the war, the surviving tanks were rebuilt like most utility vehicles, but six Schneider tanks were deployed by Spain in the Rif war in Morocco, and the tank was used for the last time in the beginning of the war.

the Spanish Civil War.

Scale : 1:35
The 1:35 scale is mainly used for military model tanks, guns and trucks and the corresponding figurines.

The 1:35 scale model will be 35 times smaller than the actual tank.

For example, if the vehicle is 5 m long, the model will measure 6 inches / 14.2 cm long (500/35 = 14.2).

Figurines in the 1:35 scale are about 2 inches / 5 cm high.

Type of product : Military model kit
To build a military model plastic, you'll need a few materials:
- a cutter or cutting pliers
- and model glue.
You can also paint the model with brushes(acrylic or enamel).
The model consists of different parts to cut and assemble.
Construction time will vary depending on the number of parts.

An instruction manual is provided for you inside the box.

Paint and glue : To be bought separately
The tools, paints and glue are not provided.

You can see our selection with the essential glues and paints or the full range..

To learn more about size and scale, click here.

Reference : 9583861
Other tags : 9583861 - 9583861 - HB83861 - HB83861 - HY83861 - HY83861 - 3483861 - 3483861 - 9583861

Hobby Boss

Who is the manufacturer Hobby Boss and what are its specificities?

The collections of miniature plastic models of the hobby boss brand are intended for both children and adults.

All you know about the Hobby Boss brand

Who is the hobby boss manufacturer?

Hobby Boss manufactures static plastic models. The company is headquartered in Zhongshan City. It is one of the largest professional miniature manufacturers in the world.

Today, the brand uses the best technologies, state-of-the-art production equipment, a team of experts as well as optimal resource management. It has several certifications to guarantee the quality of the system and hobby boss models. To compete with the main players in the sector, it produces a large number of quality products.

What are the specialties of Hobby Boss?

The brand impresseselectric RC aircraft enthusiasts with its detailed aircraft models available at different scales. These achievements meet the requirements of consumers and the themes cover the fields of aviation and the army.

The burst model is particularly the joy of modeling enthusiasts. Hobby Boss is also renowned for its range of models of military ships. The hobby boss model is a faithful replica of the legendary battleship SMS Seydlitz. Unlike other products, the Hobby Boss Seydlitz is an injection molded kit that is acclaimed for the attention to detail provided.

In addition, Diorama construction kits, cars, submarines and figurines complete the hobby boss catalog.

What are the most popular Hobby Boss products?

The company markets several categories of products to satisfy all lovers of modeling. Find the following models:

The model warship;

The model of military vehicles;

The model of cannon on rails;

The Oshkosh Truck tractor;

The French Army LAV model;

The dassault burst model;

The b burst model;

The burst c model;

The hobby model boss lansen;

The hobby boss sd kfz 223 model;

The hobby boss mirage 2000 model;

The hobby boss model t-35;

The model hobby boss models;

The hobby boss me 262 model;

The french ship model Strasbourg;

The hobby boss a-10 model;

The hobby boss 80317 model;

The hobby boss model ms 406;

The hobby model boss 80247.

What are the most common Hobby Boss scales?

Parmi the creations of Hobby Boss, you will discover various innovations for advanced amateurs and beginners. The brand's novelties are offered at different scales. With 100 or more than 500 pieces, it is possible to find miniatures on a scale of 1/35 and 1/1250. The Hobby Boss series also offers other scales to give you more options. You can choose between the following proposals:

A hobby boss 1/35;

A hobby boss 1/72;

A hobby boss 1/48;

A hobby boss 1/350.

Scale modelling universe

Scale modelling universe

John - Your scale model specialist

Experienced modeler and military history enthusiast, John shares his passion with you and accompanies you in your 1001 Hobbies customer journey, to present you the best kits on the market and guide you in the discovery of the different techniques!

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 Schneider French tank, early Model kit

Schneider French tank, early

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Schneider French tank, early

$49.49 $49.49 Instead of $54.99

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Excellent customer review

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